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Mar 30, 2007 08:23 PM

Let's just go! OC area.....

Early /or late dinner AND lunch/brunch places in OC for those munchy moments or as the mood strikes? Not the big chains or fast food joints (but not totally eliminated either). Hmmm hmm yum?

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  1. Here are some places that I like in Costa Mesa:

    Plum's-- brunch
    Taco Mesa-- lunch, dinner, casual
    Taco Rosa-- (Newport location), dinner
    Orchid-- Persian food
    Darya-- Persian food
    Mother's Market-- fresh juice bar
    Habana-- drinks
    Memphis-- (Santa Ana), drinks, music

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      My favorite restaurant in OC is the Greek Island Grille. It's a very inexpensive hole in the wall, with the best Greek food I've had outside of Thessaloniki. I go there 3 times a month. AMAZING melizanosalata and hummas appetizer, and much much more.