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Mar 30, 2007 08:00 PM

Chinese, Korean, Japanese bars in Flushing?

Anybody know any good bars near Main St.--Roosevelt vicinity for after-Sichuan drinks? Cocktails, sake, shochu, etc?

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  1. Unfortunately, Flushing Chinatown is as dry as a whistle with the last independent bar on 40th Road closing a number of years ago. You might want to try the Sheraton Hotel (entrances are on both Roosevelt and 39th Ave, between Main St. and Prince St), which may possibly have a bar and lounge.

    1. I've never been there but just reading about this place (which is unfortunately not that near Main St) intrigued me:

      1. yeah go to Prince II

        1. Having lived thru Flushing's Asian transition, I know that many of the larger neighborhood bars became something else (size matters) and most liquor stores went out of business. Several smaller bars along Northern Blvd and in the "Korean Village" (see that topic) cater to essentially an all male crowd and are rather foreboding. There are a few "Hof" places with a newer look that might be more inviting. But not like the the lively restaurants where beer consumption is high.

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            Is the above still the case in Flushing?

            If I could find a watering hole nearby to eat my lamb burgers in, I might never leave....


            1. re: Monty Capuletti

              I think nightlife in Flushing centers around the Karaoke bars. I used to go to one called "Hei hei bar" on 39th avenue, close to the Sheraton (about 2 blocks from Main), Not everyone sang there though, most people came out just to drink and hang. There used to be huge groups of twentysomething kids hanging out there. I think are some other karaoke bars on Main as well.

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                I recently passed by this place in flushing
                not suer what it is, but seemed like a place to get boozed up. there are many restaurants to drink at around lets eat alley, but not sure if there are specifically drinking places.

          2. Have been searching for the same for awhile, particularly for sake. Tried an izakaya style restaurant on Northern Blvd. this past summer. I don't remember the name or exact address, but it was near Station Rd., on the south side of Northern. Unfortunately, the food was so-so, the sake selection was pretty limited and overpriced and my hopes were dashed once again.