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Mar 30, 2007 07:38 PM

Teavolve's Afternoon Tea

I'm curious how is Teavolve's afternoon tea set. My only experience with afternoon tea is over at Jin Patisserie in LA where everything was made on-site. From my conversing with one of the workers at Teavolve, he told me reservations were needed in advance so that they would have the correct amount of tea sandwiches. This leads me to believe that everything else on their eating menu is delivered from an off-site location (I could be wrong).

Has anyone tried Teavolve's afternoon tea set, and if so, was it a yay or a nay? Also, do they refill your pot of tea along with your set?

And just as a side note, the same worker I conversed with informed me that they will be opening a new location over in Harbor East.

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  1. I love just Teavolve! Before it was Teavolve, it was actually Teaology, but another restaurant had a copyright to that name, so they had to change it. I have been there about a half dozen times and really enjoy the atmosphere and the owners--Dell and Suni; they're a husband/wife team who moved to Baltimore from Philadelphia. They're really passionate about tea, especially Suni, and their enthusiasm is infectuous. It's also a great place to go to hang out with friends or by yourself to read, relax, or do some work.

    I have not had an opportunity to do the afternoon tea, only because I much prefer to eat the paninis and salads which they make on premise. I do believe the tea sandwiches are made either on premise in advance or off premise. I would highly suggest that you skip the afternoon tea thing and just go and get a pot of tea (my favorite is the vanilla bean with pieces), either the soup of the day, quiche of the day, and a panini or salad. A pot of tea will be enough for one person--trust me, you won't need refills. You can also get their tea to go. They sell tea pots and other items, too.

    As for their move to Harbor East, Del had told me that they were originally planning to move into the space next to Pazo. They were splitting it with a new Ethan Allen location. But, when it came to sign on the dotten line, Ethan Allen corporate balked and wanted to take the entire space, so they're looking for another location in the Habor East area. That is really going to be a premier spot for them. Right now, they're in Fells Point, but it's not the touristy Fells Point. It's not in a terrible location, but not in the best, either. In the Harbor East area, right by where the new condos are opening, a new movie theatre, etc., Teavolve will be in its prime, I'm sure.

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