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Mar 30, 2007 07:25 PM

"All Mixed Up" - Ocean Twp NJ

I love this place. It's like a Saladworks and Chipotle concept combined, but with fresh, good quality ingredients, and staff who take pride in their work. It's independently owned.

You walk in and fill out an order slip, check off exactly what you want in your salad, grilled pannini, or burrito. Portions are generous. I like the burrito with shredded pork and black beans. You get a nice side of fresh salsa and lettuce. I also like the salad-wrap, or just a big bowl of salad with lots of topppings. They go heavy on the dressing, so I ask for less. I haven't tried the grilled paninni... it looks they grill thick slices of bread, not the classic pannini loaf. They also serve breakfast.

There's nothing innovative here, but they do everything well -- fresh, tasty, efficient.

There's the usual selections of drinks, augmented with a few boutique bottled beverages, including my favorite TEANY white tea with pomegranate.

- Plastic forks, foam plates. - I don't like their cookies.

All Mixed Up
809 West Park Ave
Ocean Twp, NJ

It's just off Rt 35, about 2 miles south of the Monmouth mall. Turn right and head west on W Park Ave. Look for the 7-11. "All Mixed Up" is a small shop next to 7-11.

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  1. val ann c - I eat there all the time and love it too. I've never had anything but the salads but I'm sure the quality is excellent throughout. My only complaint is the pricing. I can't get out of there without spending $10 on a large salad as I have a difficult time restricting myself to the 6(?) toppings :) Good job bringing this place up.

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      I agree the prices are high. But it's worth it to me. I don't have to scrutinize my salad for spoiled leaves or unwashed mushrooms. It's reliably good and fresh. That kind of freshness requires picky buying, conscientious storage, and vigilant supervision.

    2. I've only had salad there as well - I like the fact that I can choose what I want in my salad and not have to worry about quality - I agree about the staff - friendly and informative.
      I stop there as often as I can!

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      1. re: tuxedo

        My work used to order from here all the time! UNTIL they started tacking on HUGE delivery charges!! The entire office would order lunch from there rack up a good size bill, tip the driver and THEN they would add on a bogus $10-15 delivery charge!! Just started happening one day out of the blue!! If you ask me this is not right! Don't care how good the salads are..and they are good..we order from them no more! :(

        1. re: stack_c

          stack c - That's not good business for them. Did you ever think to write them a small note explaining your displeasure? Otherwise, I completely understand your decision.

          1. re: stack_c

            I must work in the same area as you - what places are good for lunch?

            1. re: tuxedo

              oohh the lunch question!! It's a never ending debate in our office, plus hard to find delivery vs. pick up. Lately our favs our Sal's Deli in Shrewsbury (used to be Sal & Drew's) or Brennan's in Oakhurst (also in Rumson) although I have to say we never seem satisfied with our lunch choices! What about u?

              1. re: stack_c

                Your office sounds like mine - the never ending debate!
                We try to brown bag it, but we like Nino's Jr on occasion, Brennan's as well, we also hit the Foodtown and Wegman's

            2. re: stack_c

              Stack c- same thing happened to me! I work in Red Bank and i order lunch online thru this one website i use.. that's how I learned about All Mixed Up. LOVE their salads. Granted, they're located in Ocean but the site says their delivery area stretches to Red Bank. I ordered from there 2 or 3 times, and then when i ordered most recently, they called me and told me that it will be a $25 minimum to deliver to redbank. i explained that i'd ordered there before and hadnt been told that. she explained to me that my office was why they created that new rule! laaaaaaame. i still drive there myself though, bc my bf recently bought a house about 3 minutes from the place. but frustrating that i cant get my amazing fresh salads delivered to work! i really love it there, adn the food is great. the prices may be a tad high but to me, it is worth it b/c of the freshness and no skimping on quality. REAL chicken breast... not that nasty 'formed with rib meat' processed crap. bright, colorful interior. lots of tex-mex choices too. yum. my favorite dressing is the spicy Thai Peanut. mmmmmm. but BOOOOO to the $25 minimum out of the blue!

              1. re: leesh782

                "frustrating that i cant get my amazing fresh salads delivered to work!"

                What's really frustrating is that there are so few places that make amazing fresh salads!

                1. re: val ann c

                  Here Here Val ! This is a constant struggle for me as my diet calls for a lot of salad eating during the week. Having eaten there so often, I have found however that I can recreate a similar salad at home (which requires a good part of my Sunday preparing all the "mix-ins" for the week ahead). BTW, I did enjoy the pear and endive (sans dried pears) weight management salad at the Cheesecake Factory today.

                  1. re: bgut1

                    "I have found however that I can recreate a similar salad at home (which requires a good part of my Sunday preparing all the "mix-ins" for the week ahead)"

                    I agree... I do this very often, in fact, I did it last night! I am definitely a fan of big 'ol salads w/ tons of textures and flavors throughout.

                    I definitely sympathize w/ Elaine in that episode of 'Seinfeld' when she couldnt order her favorite diner menu item -- 'The Big Salad' -- from the menu at a different diner:

                    George: Let's go to Reggie’s.
                    Elaine: Reggie’s? I can't eat anything there.
                    George: It's the same menu.
                    Elaine: There's no “Big Salad.”
                    George: They'll make you a “Big Salad.” What do you think, they're the only one's that make a “Big Salad”?

                    and then later.....

                    Elaine: How about a Big Salad?
                    Hilde: A big salad?
                    Elaine: (to George) You see?
                    George: Just tell her what’cha want, they'll make it for ya.
                    Elaine: It's a salad, only bigger, with lots of stuff in it.
                    Hilde: I can bring you 2 small salads.
                    Elaine: Could you put it in a big bowl?
                    Hilde: We don't have any big bowls.
                    Elaine: All right. Just give me a cup of decaf.
                    Hilde: We have Sanka.


                    1. re: leesh782

                      Too funny leesh! A great episode of Seinfled. So I guess I'm not alone in making Big Salads. :)

                2. re: leesh782

                  That's foolish - expecting a place in Ocean to deliver to Red Bank with no delivery charge! Srsly!


              Sorry, I know this is no where close to any of us down here...but if you happen to be in Metuchen (or Cranford, but I have not been to the Cranford location.) go to Cafe Paris.

              I recently wrote about my superb lunch here! (I just had to tell everyone again!!)

              1. The original comment has been removed
                1. I recently moved to the area, trying this restaurant twice now, ordering online in advance to pick up. The first time I had a salad, it was OK, nothing special, a little pricey, but overall enough to go back. The second time I went back, I ordered a salad to have for dinner later, and the turkey chili for lunch. The turkey chili was more liquid like a soup rather than beans and turkey, it was very very greasy, with the oils staining the spoon and paper container, and not even hot. I put it in the refrigerator and when I pulled it out later, all the grease had solidified and it was more grease than chili, just terrible and not something that could be eaten. I understand everyone has a bad day, so I sent an email explaining my dissatisfaction with no response which just makes it worse. At least a coupon or sorry would have been appropriate but I guess they don't care. Each time I visited the restaurant, I had to wait for my food, even though I had ordered it much in advance. They seemed unorganized and not very clean. I will not be back.