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  1. I wouldn't recommend their sushi but they have a decent happy hour.

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      I went a few years ago..it was horrible. never bothered to return.

      1. re: Xericx

        Unfortunately for me, Mr Boo adores Hama. He's not too picky about sushi and loves watching surf videos projected on the walls while he drinks sake. And we live a block away.

        In sum, if you like surf videos and aren't too picky about sushi then go for it. Or be like me and nibble edamame with copious amounts amounts of sake while fantasizing about Sushi Zo!

      1. Isn't there one in Venice on Windward by that name and another one on 2nd Street downtown? Which one are you talking about?

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          Yes - there are at least two, and a third if you count Cafe Hama on Centinela in Mar Vista. It's the same folks who used to own Hama in Venice. They moved their "academy" there...

        2. I wen't last night, not by my choice. The sushi was average. it is more of a surfer/hipster bar/restaurant/scene.

          1. Just to clarify on this one--the only Hama I know is on 2nd street in Little Toyko and it's fabulous. There are no surf videos. Just don't want it to get slammed inadvertantly.

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              my negative comment refers to the venice location

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                This is the one I know, too, and it is pretty good. Never heard of the one in Venice. Still love Nobu's first place though I think we have better sushi here in NYC.

              2. I have not been to Hama in Venice, but from most accounts, it's mediocre and not really about the food.

                Hama in Little Tokyo is unrelated. It's pretty good, a solid alternative to Gen if it is too crowded.

                1. Do you mean Hama that just opened on Wilshire and Wellesley?

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