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Mar 30, 2007 07:03 PM

is the grind in sunnyside closed?

i walked near The Grind (QB & 39th Place, southside) on thursday night around 7:30PM and the gates were pulled down. i know they are usually open around this time and wanted to see if anyone had heard anything? i'm hoping they are on vacation.

the place is a really nice addition to the neighborhood, and every time i've been there it's been fairly busy (that is, almost all tables taken, if not all).


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  1. The small sign on the gates says it is closed temporarily due to plumbing repairs.

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    1. re: ChicaDIficil

      i was really excited when the grind first opened. lately, however, things have changed. almost each and everytime we've been there in the past few months, our ordered has been messed up. also, the quality of the food (breakfast anyway) has seemed to decline as well. the sandwiches at starbucks (yes, i know) are better than the grind's! this upsets me, i'd rather support a local business....but not when i dont get what i ordered and when i's just not that good.