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Little Pie Company Hell's Kitchen

Heard it is supposed to be good and am craving some great pie. Went to Amy's Bread last week and had the red velvet cake and was disappointed. Does Little Pie offer slices or do you have to buy the whole pie? I am interested in the Mississippi mud, cherry, and peach pies. Which are the besT?

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  1. It's certainly a very cute shop. I've ordered a birthday cake there before, and thought it was dry and not very yummy. I have not tried one of their pies. I'm sure they're pretty tasty.

    1. Haven't gone lately, but in the past not impressed. Have had many different pies, key lime, blueberry, Mississippi mud pie and chocolate and find that there is better elsewhere. Cakes are dry and just not that tasty. I would try someplace else.

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        I like their apple pies, both the sugarless apple pie and the sour cream walnut apple pie.

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          Their sour cream walnut apple pie is THE reason to go. It's great. Their other pies are ok.

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            Third this. Their sour cream walnut apple pie rocks my world. Other stuff I've had there has been good, not great.

            IIRC, their sour cream walnut apple pie recipe is the one missing from their cookbook too.

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          Where else? Any recommendations?

        3. Just saw The Little Pie Company's Mississippi Mud featured on The Food Network. I hear it's goooooooooooooood.

          1. they offer both slices and pies of varying sizes. i'd recommend the sour cream walnut apple pie for fatty decadence, not as a classic apple pie. get a slice--better filling to topping ratio. oops, just reread your post--don't know about the cherry, peach and mississippi mud, sorry.

            1. I've had their apple pie and it was a disappointment. They serve their pies, cupcakes and cookies at BLT Burger though and the cupcakes look adorable although I have not tried them.

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                Please clarify if you had the pie at their stores or at BLT - the freshness factor could be lost. I've only eaten at their meatpacking location and loved the pies.

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                  i've had their cupcakes (directly from the store in HK) and they were insanely dry ad flavorless.

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                    Ah, what a world of differing experiences and tastes- I can't vouch for all their cupcakes, but I've bought their German Chocolate version at both Grand Central and HK and liked it both times - moist, flavorful, good frosting.

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                      Agree on that. Dry and dull. The only real flavor is the one you don't want -- an unpleasant blast of sickly sweetness in the frosting.

                  2. I work at a restaurant that serves LPC's pies and have eaten way too many slices! I can vouch for the Mississippi Mud (needs to be heated up). It is rich gooey decadent chocolate goodness. I also like the Key Lime and Sour Cream Apple Walnut. I think that the Tripple Berry and Pecan are pretty disappointing.

                    1. bought a mini-pie (apple) at grand central on the way back to CT. Major disappointment. Waaaay tooooo much dough and very little filling. Other posters have mentioned you need to go with a slice instead of a mini-pie.

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                        the only thing really worth purchasing at the Little Pit Company is their Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie. Purchase the entire pie when visiting friends (from any of the shops) and they're incredible. The pecan pie is good enough for Thanksgiving, but really, the Apple/Sour Cream/Walnut is their be all end all.

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                          Absolutely. I tried the small pie once and went right back to the slice (actually, 2 slices...). Warming it up also improves the experience dramatically.

                        2. Got the pie sampler myself. The sour cream apple walnut pie it da bomb! I need a recipie b/c I can't keep forking over money for shipping that pie to chicago!

                          Eat it while you can if you're a local! Warm it up with vanilla icecream it's heaven!

                          1. i prefer bubby's pie, but oddly enough the caramel brownies at LPC are to die for!

                            1. I've loved their old-fashioned apple pie for years, as have numerous guests and family members of mine. I don't get why some people say it's disappointing. As noted by another, don't get the mini-pies (not a good dough-to-filling ratio).

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                                To buy a whole pie, should I call ahead of time or can I just drop by the store and pick one up?

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                                  Call ahead...it's a gamble to just walk in, IMO

                              2. Never tried their pies but their cupcakes were horrendous. Very bland, dry, and utterly disappointing. I literally took 2 bites and threw out the rest. Completely forgettable.

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                                  i love their key lime pie. can't speak for the rest.

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                                    Why would you expect the cupcakes to be good at a place called Little Pie Co.? Actually, check that -- the pie at Cupcake Cafe is actually better than the cupcakes.

                                    Anyway, make sure to try the sour cream and walnut apple pie.