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Mar 30, 2007 06:31 PM

Ruth's Chris

I might be going to Ruth's Chris for my b-day in a few weeks. How does it compare to other area steak places?

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  1. I've only been for drinks and a few appetizers in the bar. I think if you enjoy the luxury chain steakhouse experience (and lots of butter), you should like Ruth's Chris just fine. I'm afraid I don't care for what they've done with the old Maison Robert space; it has that kind of modern-construction, thin-veneer-of-luxury look, which strikes me as tacky. I've heard some funny stories about service disasters there, but I'm guessing they are the exception, not the rule. Wines seem very highly marked up; serious cocktail making is adequate.

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      I've only eaten there once, but I went with someone originally from TX who is pretty picky about his steaks and he didn't like the quality of the cuts. I think the Oak Room might be a better choice, although more expensive.

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        I think they do a great job. I had a bone-in rib-eye special once that was very good. I prefer Oak Room and Grill 23, but Ruth's Chris is right up there.

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        I agree about the decor, that is the best they could come up with? It is also really loud, and they screwed up my steak 3 times. I thought the quality of the meat was mediocre so I called a friend that has an inside track on this and he said it is because they went to wet-aging where they used to dry-age.....right around the time they went corporate so he says. I was curious because it just doesn't seem the same.

      3. Cowboy Steak is very good. Oak Room, Abe & Louis are better bets, but Ruth's trumps Capital Grille and Flemings.

        1. I love Ruth's Chris. Easily beats the other chain options in the city, with the possible exception of the Oak Room. Bone in Rib-Eye is unbeatable.

          1. The one in Boston is the worst Ruth Chris that I have visited. Others have been excellent. We went 4/27/07 and had the Porterhouse Steak for Two. Steak good, but coffee cold, no tomatoes on salad. Management did offer free dessert. Would prefer Oak Room.

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              You say the steak was good but drank cold coffee (which could easily be remedied) and you were missing some tomatoes. However mgmt offered free dessert, so it doesn't seem so bad.