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Mar 30, 2007 06:15 PM

The Great American Hot Dog Book

This is the title of a new book that will be hitting bookstores soon. I was sent an advance copy that I just finished reading. An excellent book about hot dogs that is well researched, well written, and a fun and easy read. It is published by Gibbs Smith of Layton, Utah and written by Becky Mercuri. See here for more info:

The book starts out by giving a history of the American Hot Dog and debunking urban legends and myths. Well documented, this is a fine history and introduction to the regional styles and descriptions of hot dogs that follow. The chapters include hot dogs of the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Great Plains, West and Southwest, and Pacific. Ms. Mercuri not only describes the types of hot dogs popular in each region, but gives names, descriptions, and histories of hot dog establishments all across the nation. Not only a handy road trip guide, but also a cookbook as well, sharing recipes for wieners, sauces, chilis, slaws, relishes, side dishes and more.

This book will appeal not only to hardcore frank fanatics, but to anyone who likes hot dogs and has an appreciation for history. Not to mention the many cooks who might want to reproduce a relish, chili, or side dish from a favorite hot dog joint. There's even a recipe for Italian Hot Dogs! I heartily recommend this book.

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  1. HDL


    BTW I tried the Elmer pork/beef dogs the other night. Very good. I am still partial to the all beefers tho. Wanted to give you some feedback since you were kind enoughto recommend.

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      I love cookbooks of all kinds. I'm actually more of a cookbook collector than I am a cook, however I do love to eat! My boyfriend is the better cook between the two of us and he loves hot dogs! His birthday is coming up soon so this book may be one of his presents. Thanks for the recommendation!

    2. hotdoglover-wanted to continue our earlier discussion on Ben's Chili Dogs and half-smokes-check out the recent article in the Washington Post on "The Missing Link" which gives a comprehensive account of the unique DC half-smoke. Ben's Chili Bowl Chili Half Smokes supplied by Manger's in Baltimore, are unbelievably good!

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        Thanks for the information. I was under the impression that what Ben's served as a half smoke was a Sabrett spicy sausage.

      2. Sometimes you just can't beat a good dog.

        I'll have to check that book out.