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Mar 30, 2007 06:01 PM

Made some London choices, please weigh in

Okay, my first "real" trip to London is in April. Six nights. Two of us (a couple).Have waded through past postings and have a list of restaurants, but would love input. Still not sure which way to go with Indian or with tea. We're staying at the Sumner and our rate includes breakfast.

Obviously some of these will be lunch, not dinner, and a few will fall off the list altogether.

Golden Hind for fish and chips
Brown's OR F&M for tea
The Ring (pub) for a pint, we're boxing fans
Gordon R's "Narrow"
Duke's Hotel for a martini
Lounge Lover
The Providores
Bombay Brasserie OR Tayyabs (I'm not an Indian expert but I love my naan and curry...)
The Wolseley
Brindisa and/or grilled cheese sandwiches at Borough

I had Gordon Ramsey's Royal Hospital Road on the list but replaced it with Narrow. A knock-down drag out fancy meal is not a must, but great food and good atmosphere (or vice-versa) are. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm not an expert on afternoon tea but I have heard good things about Browns. You might also want to think about the Wolseley on Piccadilly for afternoon tea and strike two things off your list! More about vienoisserie (sp?) than afternoon tea, but a lovely room. I'd also lobby for Sketch, with patisserie by Pierre Gagnaire, but it has been about six months since I was last there.

    Canteen was just named best restaurant by OFM but I just don't rate it. It's a personal opinion thing, but I would suggest going somewhere else.

    Narrow is very new but seems to be being well received.

    Lounge Lover is fab. More centrally, I really got into the Polo Lounge at the Westbury before I left. It's a bit like being in a Ralf Lauren advert and the cheese nibbles are amazing.

    Providores seems like a slightly odd choice. I'm not sure where you're travelling from or what gap Providores is filling. I can think of 10 better small plates/tapas restaurants. Make that 20.

    I'd go for Tayyabs over Bombay Brasserie, and then I'd go for Lahore Karahi in Tooting over Tayyabs. Really good, meaty lamb chops and the bitter gourd with mutton curry is one of my favourite dishes in London.

    Hope this helps and sorry if you're Peter Gordon's cousin and that's why you want to eat there!

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      tayyabs and bombay brasserie are not comparable. i really don't understand the hype surrounding tayyabs - apart from excellent seekh kebabs and decent roti, everything else is pretty average. in fact, the overwhelmingy unnecessarily oily dishes at tayyabs are guranteed to make you feel ill in a few hours.

      lunch at the bombay brasserie is reasonable, well cooked and above all, has decent vegetables.

    2. Another vote for Bombay Brasserie over Tayyabs. I also think Brown's is a good choice for tea although there are lots of others to choose from. It's near the theatres if you're headed that way later on. You won't need dinner - at least I didn't.

      1. Try Claridge's for tea with the addition of champagne. I would give Fortnum's a miss for tea.

        1. The Wolseley is great for afternoon tea. The grand hotels have their own place in this tradition, but I agree with the person who suggested it -- two birds with one stone (and it is a great place). I'd also do Brindisa as well as Borough Market, which is so much fun. Agree with Duke's for martinis, unless you live in a place with good martinis in which case it's probably not necessary. Bombay Brasserie is excellent, but also very expensive (and very beautiful inside). Comparable food can be found elsewhere, although you will sacrifice atmosphere.