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Mar 30, 2007 05:42 PM

Commanders Palace

Anyone have an update on when Commanders Place is going to be opening up in Vegas again??

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  1. Everytime I see a Commanders Palace thread I get excited thinking it's an opening announcement - but no, I don't think there has been any recent news to my knowledge as to where CP may end up.

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    1. re: TDS1

      So what happened there? They closed the CP in Aladdin? Too slow? Are they looking to relocate it still in Vegas? Have only been to the one in New Orleans several years ago and had a great meal there. The service was phenomenal. Totally took care of you without being obtrusive or over the top.

      1. re: ccl1111

        CP closed at Aladdin. Was rumored to be moving to Venetian but apparently fell through. Hope it comes back somewhere soon.

        1. re: ccl1111

          I really get depressed when I see someone referring to Commander's Palace as "the one in New Orleans." This has nothing to do with you, ccl1111. Rather, it's the all too frequent reference to an iconic restaurant, be it Commander's Palace or another, as if it were part of a chain. Sort of like saying "I really liked that Applebee's in Cleveland as opposed to the one in Pittsburgh. I have to admit that I really dislike the proliferation of branches of great restaurants in Vegas as if they were Wells Fargo. I have yet to eat at one of the Vegas clones that could equal the original. I suppose it's the whole Vegas experience where someone can stay at the Venetian and really think that they've experienced Venice. But, I'm definitely an aberration because I believe that Vegas was a whole hell of a lot more civilized when it was run by the mob!

          1. re: Mutt

            I get you Mutt. Makes sense. Didn't mean to trivialize it.

            And while I get your point about Vegas, I personally am glad to have quality restaurants all in one place that happens to be semi-close. Much easier and cheaper to get there than it is to trip to other parts of the country. I do get your point though that a Vegas clone might not actually do justice at all to the original.

      2. From what I understand, they are still looking for a location. Sniff....I sure miss those 25 cent martinis.

        1. Commander's Palace is opening in Destin Florida. New Orleans gulf coast neighbor

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