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Mar 30, 2007 05:12 PM

Birthday Dinner Downtown

I work evenings downtown so will be celebrating this years anniversary at a local restaurant. Up to now, I have always relied on The Water Grill, R-23, Checkers, Patina etc. Wondering, given the "resurgence" of the area if there are other dining spots to consider? Noe? Edison?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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  1. Seems like Edison will not have the complete menu you are looking for, based on your passed experiences. I've heard good things about Blue Velvet. Nic & Stef's is great, albeit a specified fine dining experience....

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    1. re: kellydeez

      Agree on Edison-maybe stop in for a drink though. N&S is too much red meat for us. I've checked out Blue Velvet on the net and worry about trend factor overwhelming food factor. have you heard anything about Noe?

      1. re: Densible

        It has its yay and naysayers, but I like it. (You might to, since the service and setting does remind me of Patina in some ways.) There are innovative dishes, but some are also deemed classics because of its popularity (ie mimosa salad). I got the TM once, and it was fabulous - including tender cod, a balanced miso soup, creative desserts. The chef was nice enough to come out and explain them to me. The setting definitely enhances the dining experience.

        Happy Anniversary!

        1. re: Densible

          haven't been there in a while but cicada has a great room...might be just a call for anniversary dinner.

      2. Despite the gentrification, er, I mean, "resurgence" of downtown and attendant growth of dining options, most of the new places (Edison, Blue Velvet, J Lounge, e3d steakhouse, etc.) are really more scene than fine dining on par with places like Water Grill, Patina, etc.

        Noe is an option; but as Chica mentions above the food and cuisine is not mainstream, and can be sort of off-putting for some (sometimes I think of Noe as a "Sona-lite").

        If you want to try something new, maybe consider ROYALE a bit west on Wilshire Blvd. in the renovated Wilshire Royale Hotel building. Good seafood selections (we enjoyed the John Dory) and the mashed potatoes and fries were very good as well.


        1. An oldie but a goodie: Pacific Dining Car.

          1. Think about Chichen Itza on 6th just west of the park. In the Essex hotel. been written about here before, Very fine food and you can google the menu.
            nice room. the neighborhood may cause some head swiveling, but for no good reason. Very lovely staff.