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Mar 30, 2007 04:51 PM

Good Filipino Food in South SFO?

I'll be in South San Francisco for a class for 3 days --- looking for good authentic Filipino food - anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. There are a number of places in that area. Slightly south in San Bruno and Millbrae are many more. On San Mateo Avenue in San Bruno are Kuya's and Ihaw Ihaw, both of which I have been to and enjoyed. Nearby on Camino Real are Patio Filipino and Tribu Grill which have received good-to-mixed reports here. There is a Max's of the Phillipines in South San Francsico. To the northewest in Daly City there are others, including a Ling Nam, a Papanga Restaurant or Cuisine, a Jollibee's, and some kind of barbeque place whose name I don't remember. Also, there is a place called Maharlikka which I have been to twice and which has pretty authentic bar food, including sisig and goat kalderata. It supposedly looks very much like such a place in the PI, too. I am not Filipino, though, so can't independently assess, but I thought Maharlikka, Kuya's and Ihaw Ihaw were all decent to good. My gf (Filipina) thought they were ok.

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      Have you ever tried the Filipino dishes at 7 Mile House near Cow Palace in Brisbane?

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        Ling Nam's filipino breakfast used to be great and cheap but now it is hit and miss. Sometimes the meat is dry. Their linguisa sausage is still good but the others except maybe the fish are not that great at times. LN is the only place you get 2 kinds of meat and you can order it all day. Their roast duck is still good but you have to order half at least to enjoy it.

      2. Like many (maybe too many) Filipinos, I eat most of my Filipino food at home, in part because very few restaurants do the cuisine justice. I've done one visit each to Max's, Ihaw-ihaw, Goldilocks and Patio Filipino. Max's had very good crispy pata and decent halo-halo, but everything else was awful. I'd return to Patio Filipino, which had good, but not memorable, food to check out the Filipino-Spanish dishes. I find no reason to return to either Goldilocks, nor Ihaw-ihaw.

        I've been to Bistro Luneta in San Mateo twice. (Once when Romy Dorotan of Cendrillon NY was cooking: the best Filipino food I've had this side of the Pacific.) I'd give them another try, despite the higher-than-average prices. But the Filipino restaurant I like best--the only one to which I have returned several times-- is Tribu. Link below.

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          2nd on Tribu. Great food. Good service.

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            I echo the above. I'm Filipino and eat most of my Filipino food at home as well. But since leaving my parents house, I found I can't make a lot of my favorite dishes. Tribu is really quite good if not a bit expensive.

          2. Re: Tribu Grill. I went with a Filipino friend (a real foodie) who liked it a lot and said what others have said about only getting decent Filipino cuisine at home. To paraphrase him, "this is the kind of food you'd only get at home or at someone's it's an eye opener." To add to that, very nice environment, modern and comfortable.