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Mar 30, 2007 04:48 PM

Need Good Crab Cake Recipe - No Mayo

Does anyone have a simple, yet delicious (of course) recipe for crabcakes that doesn't include mayonnaise as an ingredient?? I've searched the web, and can't find one that doesn't have it. I'd like a lighter, cleaner version (but most of all I just hate mayo). Thanks!

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  1. just delete the mayo and see how your mix feels. If you have to add some more liquid, you could add egg or anything....I've used chili paste before and it turned out nice. good quality mustard?? extra lemon juice??

    1. I've seen a mix of olive oil and mustard in place of mayo. I don't have a recipe.

      1. Crab Cakes (I've made this with cooked fish too)

        3 T butter
        1 green onion, finely chopped
        2 T red pepper, finely chopped
        1 clove garlic, minced
        3 T cream
        1 T dijan mustard
        1 egg
        ½ T minced parsley
        pinch cayenne
        1 cup breadcrumbs, divided
        ¼ cup grated parmesan
        1 lb shelled crab meat

        Crab Cakes

        Melt butter, saute onion, pepper, garlic over med heat about 3 minutes (until pepper is 'limp'). Add cream and mustard, parsley, cayenne. Best egg, "temper" with onion-cream mixture. Add breadcrumbs to onion-cream mixture, then stir in egg. Fold in crabmeat.

        Shape into 8 patties. Place on baking pan (spray with Pam or use release foil). Mix remaining breadcrumbs and parmesan. Pat on top of patties.

        Refrigerate 2 hours. Heat oven to 400 deg. Bake 10 - 20 min until browned on top and looks done. Let sit 3 minutes before serving.

        Notes: Used king crab legs. Taste of crab cakes is good - careful not to overpower with lemon dill sauce, which is also good.

        1. A little bit of mashed up silken tofu often does well in place of mayo! (unless it's the white creamy texture you object to, and not the mayo per se...)

          1. You can use egg or a light bechamel. The bechamel works well.
            You just need something to act as a binder to hold the crabmeat together into cakes while you fry them.

            Whatever you choose to use as a binder, mix all of your other ingredients into that first before adding your crabmeat so that the crabmeat is handled as little as possible. That avoids breaking it up to much and/or compacting it.