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Mar 30, 2007 03:39 PM

Ray's the Classics now doing lunch/Colorado Kitchen coming to Forest Glen

We had lunch at Ray's the Classics today for the first time. Apparently they just opened this week for lunch service. The menu is still very dinner like with only a few lunch type items. No sandwiches and just a few larger apps. The steak salad looked great. Entrees at lunch come with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach--can't remember if they do that at dinner or not. Both were fab. The only disappointment was dessert--we had the coconut cake and it was straight out of the fridge. Congealed fat is not flavorful. Maybe it's a Southern thing, somewhere in the back of my mind is the phrase "icebox cake." It looked great but was not worth the calories.

Also, in other Silver Spring news buried in this week's food section was the news that the owners of Colorado Kitchen are taking over the General Store by the Forest Glen Seminary and are turning it into a carryout and pub. Along with the news about the Hook and Ladder brew pub going in the old firehouse it looks like Silver Spring will get some independent establishments to compete against the chains in the new downtown.

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  1. Yet to try Ray's, but will. Most excited about Colorado Kitchen, but confused as to where it is. Is it right next to the castle-like place on the east side of the Beltway/RR tracks?

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      Yeah, that's the place. The article didn't say if this would be an entirely new kind of restaurant or exactly like CK.

    2. The Colorado Kitchen rumor appears to be false.

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      1. re: Bonz

        I think it's more than a rumor at this point. It was written up in the Post last week and Gillian Clark has been posting about the new place on another message board.

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          Well, then, it's great news for Forest Glen.