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Mar 30, 2007 03:39 PM


Wings we know - but who has the Ultimate Supreme nachos in T.O - That is the question!

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  1. Despite my best efforts, I have yet to have sufficiently hot, cheesy, and spicy nachos. You hear a lot of chowhype about sneaky dees "kings crown" nachos but i find them cold, and disappointing. Follow these recommendations carefully.

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    1. re: newmexicotransplant

      He newmexicotransplant! As a New Mexico Transplant, what should we be looking for in nachos, in your opinion???

      1. re: bluedog

        here's a start: no hormel chili , or Kraft Jalapeno cheese mix.

      2. re: newmexicotransplant

        Forget the "kings crown" - go with Sneaky's regular nachos - just chips, fantastic salsa and about a pound o' monterey jack cheese melted until blistering in a smoking hot oven ... no better nachos in TO, IMNSHO...

        1. re: redearth

          Back in my yoot, Hernandos Hideaway had great nachos. Single layer of chips with layer of cheese and great salsas for dipping: green and red. Sneaky's are the same style but don't live up to the memory.

          1. re: crawfish

            I have to say I am not the biggest fan of natchos but the Hot House Cafe makes a really good one. Instead of beef they use bacon, extremely tasty!!

            1. re: crawfish

              They still do if you stick to the Yonge St Hernando's location. Some of the staff are still the same as many years ago. They can always get you the natchos you recall if it isn't on the menu anymore.

          2. re: newmexicotransplant

            i agree with you. MANY ppl will suggest Sneaky Dees, but in my experience there, it was a greasy, soggy mess. i guess it depends on what you are looking for, if you want a HUGE portion of chips with melted cheese, ground meat, and few fresh ingredients (tomatoes, peppers, etc) then the Kings Crown might be for you. they have lots of toppings for the number of chips they give you... but who wants to just eat the cold toppings? i still haven't found a great nacho plate yet. if you find one pls let us know.

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            1. re: chalenegirl

              I'm a nacho fiend and generally get them almost anywhere. I've had Sneeky's, enjoyed it but didn't love it. The King's was a bit of a gloppy mess but still fairly tasty.

              My biggest complaint is when they bake them so long the cheese is dried out and hard. Anyway I think the worst nachos I've ever consumed in my entire life were at the Village Rainbow. Even bad nachos are generally edible and these weren't. There was some weird - from the can meat product on there that resembled sloppy joe stuff and a huge glob of sour cream smothering the whole plate.

              My fave nachos, belive it or not, were at The Hard Rock. There was nothing super fancy about them but always consistantly good. Lots of melted cheddar, cubed grilled chicken, and what appear to be fresh toppings. We still stop into the bar for a beer and some nachos occasionally.

          3. I FOUND THEM.. I have tried A LOT of nachos, and Im even lactose intolerant but I push through because I truly love them and I found my personal winner last night at Brydens pub in bloor west village. Huge tall plate of nacho chips covered in cajun chicken, ground beef AND pulled pork with salsa, sour cream AND guac (without extra charge).. Incredible ratio of cheese to toppings to meat. And I have never tried pulled pork on nachos before but it gives it a whole new sweet dimension to compliment the hot hick of the jalapenos and the cheese. Honestly, I live in riverdale and I will drive out there again just for those nachos.

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            1. re: hungryabbey

              Yum-- this is another lactose intolerant having nachos for dinner tonight!

                1. re: hungryabbey

                  So I'm a little late on trying these but-- whoooooa. Thanks for the rec. It's what I might affectionately refer to as "slutty" food (indiscriminate in its ingredients in order to be as appealing as possible) but ohhhh man it feels good to be bad sometimes :-) These were really tasty... smoky flavour + sour cream + chips + guac + jalapeno = me eating meat with my hands in front of strangers when the chips ran out. Thank you!

                  1. re: Manybears

                    haha very slutty food. I know what you mean about eating with your hands..its hard to restrain yourself.

            2. My partner is a nacho fiend as well! He's tried many places, but he says there are two places that make it good:
              1. Jack Astor's in Oshawa
              2. Kelsey's in Scarborough, on McCowan

              Sorry, these are all east end, uptown suggestions. And chained restaurants too. But he says that for a regular nachos, these two places provide fresh ingredients. I remember that the Kelsey's one had such fresh sour cream!

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              1. re: jennjen18

                The best nachos I have had were at Hot House Cafe but I heard recently they took those off the menu, I hope that is not true. The Granite Brewery makes really good nachos, a lot of beef and jalapeno peppers; really tasty!!!

                1. re: callitasicit

                  yep its true.. hot house was my old number one.. and last time i went (specifically for the nachos, obviously) I saw they had taken them off. I compained and told the waitress to tell the chef that that was a big mistake, but I doubt they cared

                  1. re: hungryabbey

                    What a shame, they were my fave too and the only thing on their menu worth ordering!

              2. last time (and this is going back a year or so) Hair of the Dog had great philo pastry baked nachos. They made the chips in-house.

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                1. re: jeastfull

                  hm thats interesting.. what do you mean, so they werent chips, they were pastry?

                  1. re: hungryabbey

                    they were pastry-esque yes. sort of philo pastry triangles. hard to explain but definitely not tortilla chips

                    1. re: jeastfull

                      hm sounds good. Ill have to try that next time

                2. Sneaky Dee's has the best nachos EVER, hand's down! Not the King's Crown but just the regular nachos with cheese. If you want them to be insanely cheesy, ask for extra cheese. Fantastic!