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Mar 30, 2007 03:29 PM

Lamb Chops

Where can I go for excellent lamb chops? Upscale or inexpensive....thanks in advance for suggestions!

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  1. Lucien...a semi-small portion of baby lamb chops but always succulent...

    Lupa (which i just bashed in a post for snotty service issues), but the Lamb Scottaditto special (Saturday i think) is yummy...

    Keens Steakhouse...wonderful...had them just last week...

    There are also often wonderful lamb chops at Turkish and Greek restaurants but no specific recs come to mind at the moment...

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      Two places come to mind immediately:
      1. Periyali in Gramercy...outstanding lamb chops
      2. Quality Meats (offers rack of lamb for two, but it is a little pricier)

      1. re: jrazzle

        The one time we went to Periyali, I ordered the lamb chops, and I though they were nothing special. I've had much better lamb chops at Uncle Nick's and at a fraction of the cost.

    2. I have had excellent lamb chops at North Square on the edge of Washington Square Park. While the whole atmosphere of the restaurant itself, wasn't quite New York, and my friend's lobster wasn't anything great, the lamb chops were worth going for.

      I have also had lamb chops recently at Gennaro's on the UWS. They were a daily special though, so call first to see if they are on the menu.

      Gotham Bar and Grill also has lamb chops on the menu, but at $40, it was a little steep which is how we ended up at NorthSquare. Menupages has a feature where you can search by food and see what restaurants serve it. I was really surprised at how small the list was.

      1. "Splendid lamb, chop and loin, joined by a cocotte of slightly louche moussaka, impresses anyway. " NY magazine
        36 W. 52nd St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 212-582-6900
        the new donatella arapia joint with the chef from Michael Psilakis kefi/onera

        1. We had fantastic lamb chops at Earthen Oven a couple of weeks ago - 4 chops, we shared them with whole table - really excellent.

          1. My favorite thing to order at Keens are the lamb chops. Always outstanding!

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              Thanks for all your suggestions!

              1. re: Popsicle81

                You can usually count on the lamb chops at any high end steakhouse. For example, I think the lamb chops at the Palm are outstanding and much better than the steak.