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Mar 30, 2007 03:28 PM

Juxtaposition and Gabrielle Collection?

Does anyone know anything about the Gabrielle Collection of wines? My wife found a cab named Juxtaposition that she really liked. It says it's from the Gabrielle Collection. There is a website from the company but it has only one page and the last thing on it is from February, 2006. Does anyone know if it's still around? Is there another website we haven't found?

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    "The Gabrielle Collection of Wines are super premium to luxury blends of the finest varietal expression from premium California vineyards."

    Hmm... I wonder what's the difference btw "super premium" and "luxury" ...

    (From a strictly semantical point of view, a premium vineyard should only produce premium -or lesser- blends


    Sorry for the criticism, but over self-eulogizing sites like this one give me the creeps.

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      I agree. There is a lot of hype. I really wonder what has happened to them in the last year. They don't show any activity for over a year. Reckon they released anything since May, 2006?

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      1. Yes, she's around, been around. She makes excellent wines with her husband, and my family had the privilege of meeting her in Saratoga at the food and wine festival a couple of years ago. Wonderful, humble, kind woman - she should brag about her wine though... Her cabernets, Equilateral and Juxtaposition, are of the high quality I expect, even though she's a small producer, from Robert Craig, Lokoya and Foley. All my friends who love these wines I mentioned have tried her wines and been amazed. We buy cases regularly from the winery directly - she only sells to club members.