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Mar 30, 2007 03:20 PM

Bed & breakfasts/inns with great food! MN

Greetings Chowhounds -

My sweetie and I would like to spend a nice, quiet *restful* Memorial Day weekend at a bed & breakfast or inn with wonderful food, ideally somewhere within an easy day's drive of the Twin Cities. What do you wise folk recommend? I will award extra bonus points for places that are queer friendly.

In the past, we have enjoyed the Jail House in Harmony, MN and the Inn at Pine Ridge in WI (which is sadly defunct, I think) and the Jaeger House north of Grand Marais. Oh, we also liked the Magic Door in Northfield. Other suggestions?

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  1. The Outing Lodge in Stillwater has great dinners - I went for Babette's Feast last year - but I was too full for breakfast (it was buffet-style and looked good). The setting is beautiful, and it's easy to get to!

    Friends tell me that the food at Naniboujou Lodge (Grand Marais) is fabulous.It's kinda far away, though.

    I've stayed at the Anderson House in Wabasha, MN, and enjoyed my dinner - traditional American food, nicely prepared. I'm not a breakfast eater, though, so I don't remember anything about breakfast. (And this was years ago.) Oh, and I loved the cats!

    Or how about going across the river to a B&B in Pepin, WI, plus a stroll to dinner at the Harbor View? I can't recommend a specific B&B, but there are several (thanks to the tourism-boosting effect of the H.V.). In my opinion, that's the best food you can get in or near a B&B.
    - see the link "Around the Area" for a list of lodging possibilities.

    Have a nice trip!


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      The Phipps Inn in Hudson, WI has absolutely outstanding breakfasts. Last fall we had amazing blueberry blintzes with berries picked from bushes in the back yard of the inn. The first day was an excellent cream-cheese stuffed, caramel and pecan french toast. Absolutely lovely. This comes along with a fresh fruit plate, hand squeezed orange juice, etc.

    2. We love B&Bs! We've been to the following, all within a days drive of MSP:

      Olcott House in Duluth - We were there about 2 years ago, it was our first B&B. They do a group breakfast and I remember the food being wonderful.

      Loghouse B&B in Vergas, MN (near Fergus Falls) - The rooms here were a little less our style (more frilly versus Craftsman style) but breakfast is served in the room and the innkeeper delivers a daily dessert to the room in the afternoon. Very nice and romantic, none of the stress of making conversation with strangers over breakfast.

      Moondance Inn in Redwing - I remember a multi-course, very impressive breakfast served in the dining room. This B&B is definitely more casual than the other two with a really nice recreation room on the top floor of the house. This one might be the most queer friendly - I don't know why I feel that way but I do, although I'm sure the others would be fine.

      Chez Suzanne in Fargo - we stayed here when we went to visit family in Fargo. It was nice, but probably the weakest of the bunch. The Innkeeper doesn't live on premises so you have to set up an appointment to get the key and everything. Breakfast was fine, but nothing special and some of the rooms had toilets right in the bedroom.

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        The harborview in Pepin is a good idea but If I were feeling a little more ambitious, I'd drive up to Bayfield WI and stay at the Old Rittenhouse Inn. Very Very romantic, and some pretty amazing food. I'm sure that they have a website if you google them

      2. Gourmet's Garden in Harmony is AWESOME! Or at least it was a few years ago. Gourmet breakfast is either enjoyed in the downstairs dining room or brought up to your room at your appointed time! They also have multi-course dinners and wine pairings on the weekends. Very affordable and delish. It's also not your frilly B&B which I like. Old farmhouse, but completely renovated on the inside. Great escape.

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