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Mar 30, 2007 03:16 PM

Lasagna Help Please

Don't know if this will work and I have time to fix if necessary. I am planning to make a lasagna Sunday nite for DH and me.I will whip up a light red sauce with canned tomatoes and basil etc , I bought fresh spinach lasagna sheets , very good farm ricotta , good parmesean but I bought a very very good buffalo mozzarella ..will this work ???..creamy is good ..all the recipes I am finding on line look to require shredded mozz...TIA

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  1. You have it completely covered. If you can slice the mozzy, great, cube it great, or if you have real guts pulse it in a food processor great.

    Your ingredients should make many happy faces.

    1. The reason they ask for shredded mozz as opposed to fresh bufala is because of the moisture content. The fresh bufala has a very high whey content and what will happen is when it melts it will sog the lasagna out and leave you with a liquid mess. The shredded (processed) moz is made with less whey and milk fat (as well as added ingredients) that will make it act like glue and make the lasagna hold. TIP: Lasagna is always better a day later because the flavours have had time to fuse and meld - just reheat at 325 degrees for about 20-30 min.

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        I've never used shredded mozz for my lasagna. Fresh has always worked well (no liquid mess).

      2. i agree with Toshiro, either save the buffalo mozzarello for a tomato/basil/balsamic side dish later in the week or be aware that you need to thicken other ingredients. The other option would be to keep the BMozz out of the cooking equation, allow it to drain in a collander and slice it on top after the lasgna comes out of the oven.

        1. One of my all-time favorite pasta dishes is lasagne made with fresh lasagne sheets, a really good tomato sauce, basil and fresh mozzarella. When I make it, I do it more as a loosely constructed dish and only briefly heat it just until the cheese melts and everything is heated through.

          I think you *can* use the fresh mozzarella in your lasagne, just make sure you are careful with the amount of tomato sauce you use, and perhaps thicken the sauce a little bit more than usual. Don't overcook it, either. It won't resemble the really cheesy, gooey lasagne you get when you used lots of shredded mozzarella, but it should still be very tasty.

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            Thank you thank you thank you I am out of my funk and I think free form is grand thickening the sauce I assume I just do a bit more draining than usual ( chunky?) And I like creamy re cheese and dont need the gooey thing Very much appreciated

            1. re: capeanne

              I think you're right about the sauce. But instead of draining, just cook it longer than you usually would. One trick is cooking it over medium heat and making sure, as it cooks down, that you scrape off the tomato sauce thats building up above the body of sauce. This will concentrate it further. Be careful with salt though. I would wait to add it until near the end of cooking your sauce.

          2. Simply, stick to the less is more school of thought...