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Mar 30, 2007 02:48 PM

Dining within walking distance to Fenway

Any options within walking distance to Fenway for a pregame (7:05 Friday) game ? We would like to park early and walk to dinner and then back to Fenway. Any cuisine will be fine.
Thanks !

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  1. Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square is a good option before a Sox game if you want to get away from all of the bars (and pub food) that surround Fenway. The food is decent @ ES and there's a good buzz in there before a game. Hopefully you're rooting for the Sox!!!!! Have fun.

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      please just be aware that esk gets packed pre-game. their ticket times are quick, but you will not be in and out in 30 minutes. and you will not get a seat at the bar. but i love the place!

    2. Trattoria Toscana on Jersey St. Really great food close to the ball park.

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        Burton's just opened at the new Trilogy building. They are on the Boylston street side across from the Star Market and around the corner from the new Emack and Bolio's across from the movie theatre. Burton's is pretty decent and a new upscale venture for the neighborhood.

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          A lot of good suggestions here, but I really have to second Trattoria Toscana.

        2. Petit Robert, facing Kenmore inbound on the Fenway side. Very reasonably priced, generally well made French food. If you are parking farther away, toward Brookline, you have many options: Audubon Circle (just over the bridge toward Brookline), a little farther out is Sol Azteca (Mexican), then at St. Mary's you have Taberna de Haro (Spanish, mostly tapas), Chef Chang's House, a couple of pubbish places (e.g., Beacon St. Tavern) and Ginza (Japanese).

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            We are parking right near the ballpark (on Brookline and Maitland I believe).

          2. A bunch of good ideas mentioned here already. I hadn't heard of Burton's Grill, which appears to be -- wait for it -- another steakhouse! Woo-hoo! I'd also add Brown Sugar Cafe on Jersey St for Thai, El Pelon for casual Mexican.

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              I wouldn't recommend El Pelon, only because you can't sit and have a decent meal. GREAT for a quick bite with outstanding offerings, but probably not the best for a real meal on a night out.

            2. Canestaro's in the Fenway is good and can be quick. Also, there's an Indian restaurant in Kenmore (India Quality?)

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                Yes, India Quality. It's quite good, and perhaps just far enough out of the Square proper (it's on Comm Ave heading out of the Square toward Charlesgate and Mass Ave) that it would probably not be completely overrun.