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Mar 30, 2007 01:49 PM

Cobras and Matadors on Hollywood Blvd. What to order??

I know C&M has been discussed a lot in the past here, but doesn't seem like it has been mentioned lately. I will be checking this place out for the first time. What are the must get dishes? Seems like their lentils are a popular choice. Anything else I should definitely try??

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  1. I used to eat at Cobras and Matadors all the time. The one on Beverly. Everything there is very good to excellent. Memorable dishes include the grilled skirt steak, sauteed shrimp, ham and cheese sandwiches (called something else in spanish) and served with a really good tomato relish type thing, papas fritas, roasted mushrooms, albondigas...etc. You can go next door and buy your own wine to have with the dinner. It is a really fun, memorable dining experience.

    1. i go to the one on beverly quite a bit... can't miss the skirt steak marinated in orange juice and paprika, the asparagus with manchego cheese and the baked goat cheese with grapes. and the french toast for dessert. yum!

      1. Octopus, Octopus, um and then Octopus. They won't charge corkage if you buy the wine next door.

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          Right, but just to make it clear, the wine shop and the non-corkage are at the Beverly location. At the Hollywood blvd. location, they serve wine and charge corkage if you bring your own.

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            so do they not serve wine at the Beverly location or is buying next door just a second option????

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              They don't serve wine at the Beverly location - buying next door or bringing your own are the only options.

        2. indicated by the OP's need to specify which location s/he wanted, there is a difference.

          I can't comment on the WH location at all, but I liked the lentils at the Los Feliz location. And the albondigas, perhaps? It's been a while...

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            I second the lentils recommendation. I LOVE them! I also like the asparagus and the churros.

          2. The menus at the two locations are similar. At the Hollywood Blvd location, I've been pretty happy with everything -- it's not the best food I've ever had, but it's tasty and reasonably priced food in a fun, casual environment. I particularly like the lentils, the mushrooms, the skirt steak, gazpacho and the clams (the gazpacho and clams come with great grilled bread -- I always ask for extra). People talk a lot about the churro dessert, but I prefer the french toast. And the wine list is all Spanish, with everything by the glass. They'll help you pick something you'll enjoy.