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Any restaurants serving shad roe?

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Does anyone know of any restaurants serving shad roe right now?

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  1. Not sure but in the past, when in season, Locke Ober had it on the menu.

    1. Last night Summer Shack had a bacon-wrapped shad roe on the specials board.

        1. The Biltmore in Upper Falls Newton (great place!) had it on the menu last night.

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            I had the shad roe special there last night. It was good, but the house cured bacon with it was even better.

          2. Locke Ober usually has it in season..call first. Bought some at Wulf's Fish Mkt in Brookline last week.

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              I just had lunch at Locke Ober and Shad Roe is the first entree on the menu. (However, don't go in jeans; you'll have to sit in the bar/lounge.)