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Mar 30, 2007 01:29 PM

Addison, TX?

I'll be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Addison in May for 3 days. I'm pretty unfamiliar with the area and am being sent for work. Are there any restaurants in this area, or places I should get to while in town? If I don't have a rental car, am I stuck, or are there options? Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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  1. Beltline Road in Addison is called Restaurant Row... there are dozens of places to eat. Check or to narrow it down by cuisine or to look at a map to see the distance from your hotel.

    1. Oh! Oh! Sushi buffet very close to you! I know they area 2 miles north of you fairly well. If you go east, there is Midway, which has restaurants up and down it. one is called the Blue Goose, it's mexican food, it's alright.

      Then right on beltline and midway (walking distance!) there is Tokyo One, the good sushi buffet, but way over my price range at $25 per person. The sushi that i had there (i could only afford to go in and pick up 'to go' peices for between .50 and $1 a peice) was great, but then i had to take them away and eat there ;). Oh, the life of a college student. Also, at the corner of Midway and Trinity Mills, there's a Krystals (tiny burgers).

      If you go west, there is Marsh lane, which is the home of Seabose. Seabose is a japanese shop that was recently reviewed on this board, if you're curious. They sell good (GREAT) sushi and are worth a visit if that kind of food interests you at all. There's a little restaurant in the shopping center across from it called Fishfish that i've always wanted to try.

      So, unless you're from somewhere that you're used to walking, i guess you'd need a rental car?

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        I would not call T1 good sushi but rather lots of sushi cheap. While there hot foods are okay there Sushi is so so at best. If you want good sushi go to Mr. Sushi also very close to your location. There is simply every kind and price range of restaurant in Addison.

        1. re: irodguy

          Agree about T1. Some of their fish comes out half frozen! However, some of their hot dishes were pretty tasty to my surprise (I have very low expectations for a sushi/Japanese/Asian buffet ;-).

          Many people like Clay Pit, which to me is an Indian version of PF Chang. We like more authentic Indian and have been wanting to try the new restaurant on Beltline, Flavors (recommended on this board).

          If you can describe what kind of food you like, we could probably help better since there are so many options in that area.

          1. re: kuidaore

            Oh, i've been wanting to try Clay Pit! I'm glad to hear that it's good.

            Sorry about the recommendation to Tokyo One-- the sushi I had there was great, but like i said, I only got a couple to-go peices. I was also thrilled to see inari there, so I may have been biased ;).

      2. I haven't been there in ages, so I can't attest to the up-to-date-ness of my recommendation, but Constantin's (15404 Midway, a block or two north of Beltline) used to serve some pretty amazingly delicious Romanian food. The place is primarily a bakery, so they only serve lunch, but the couple who run it used to run an excellent restaurant, and so this lunch is left-over from that restaurant rather than tacked on to the bakery. The chicken dolmas, in particular, were heavenly, the grandmother soup was very good, and the stuffed cabbage was top-notch if you're into that sort of thing. They kept my two favorite dishes (the Veal Forester and the Gourmet Chicken) and my brother's (he liked the Chicken Schnitzel). If it's even half as good as it used to be, it's excellent, and excellent Romanian food in Texas seems like a rarity to me.

        Basically, though, you're in one of the best parts of the DFW metroplex to be stuck in without a rental car, foodwise. You can't throw a stone without hitting a restaurant in that section of beltline, and while most of them are overpriced, and some of them are abominable, several of them are pretty good. There are a bunch of wine stores on Inwood just south of Beltline, and I happen to know that alot of the wine guys from those stores are partial to Nate's Seafood, on Midway, for Crawfish. I'm allergic to certain shellfish, including certain small red pointy ones, but the non-craw meals I've had there have been quite good.

        1. Having travelled all over the country on business, I don't think I've ever seen a restaurant row like Belt Line Road in Addison. That being said, this goes on for miles so it's hard to say whether there'll be stuff to your liking within immediate walking distance of your hotel.

          1. Not sure exactly where the Hilton Garden Inn is in Addison, but here are my picks...These are all on Beltline or "restaurant row"...Claypit, Houstons, Trulucks, Le Madeline's, Hamburgers at Snuffers ( right off Midway and Beltline), El Fenix, and Blue Mesa...