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Mar 30, 2007 01:25 PM

Baby-friendly SF restaurant for tonight?

My husband and I are dying to eat out and don't want to line up a sitter. Our baby is well-behaved four and a half months and can still sleep in her carseat while we eat. No pizza--but open to other suggestions. We live in the Western Addition but can travel. Budget-friendly and casual are key--don't want to ruin other's night with a baby, but also need to get out of the house. Thanks!

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  1. Some may disagree but I think you can go to any restaurant with the baby as long as you go on the early side. We went to Dosa 2 months ago when my baby was 3 months and had no problem. They were really nice and accommodating and My friend has taken her baby to Luna Park and Tokyo Go Go with no problem as well.

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      Thanks, Lucymom. I agree with you about the early part. Husband doesn't get home till after 7PM so that would push us back. We'll figure something out--Luna Park sounds good. Or maybe Home at Church and Market.