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Mar 30, 2007 01:11 PM

Salmon collars for chowder?

"Salmon Collars--for chowder" is how they were advertised at the store, so I bought some, but I can't find a salmon chowder recipe online that uses collars, not canned. Any recipes out there or recommendations? I assume I'll just make a basic chowder, skin and de-bone the collars, and toss the chunks in to cook for a few minutes--does that sound alright? I've only made shellfish soups before, not fish.

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  1. ....or you could broil the collars (to develope the flavors), then add the meat to the finished chowder. Any cartilage (fins)or skin chunks will add a texute to the liquid, and add flavor. You could bundle them in cheesecloth to keep them out of protions.

    1. i'd toss the collars in there, poach the fish, then pull out the pieces. pull the meat off the bones and put them back in while you simmer the chowder. they will add great body and mouthfeel to the soup. when finished, remove the collars again and put the salmon back in to serve.

      you want to cook with the bones in there. think of the difference between making chicken soup with feet and thighs or just with boneless skinless breasts.