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Mar 30, 2007 12:25 PM

Ya'll been to the Pelican Club lately?

We're coming to NOLA at the end of next month for a conference and my wife and I have been invited to a client dinner at the Pelican Club in the Quarter. Zagat's gives it a 26 for food -- right up there with some of the city's best. We're especially fond of fresh, well-prepared seafood, as we live several hours from the Atlantic coast. Has anyone had any experience there lately? The last post here was in March 2006. Thanks!

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  1. It is a wonderful restaurant and seems to fly under the radar for some reason. I prefer eating in the Bar room, but either way it is a good place.

    1. I went there with a group of three for Revillion this year and it was great, plus I work near there and I look at the menu pretty frequently. If you want I'll jot some notes for you?

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      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        Yes, I'd appreciate your comments and recommendations. for Pelican Club. Thanks!

      2. I think its one of the best five restaurants in the city, and most people have never been.

        Make sure you get the scallops on artichoke leaves.

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          Thanks for the comments! We're looking forward to the Pelican Club and will report upon our return in May.

        2. I went to the pelican club last weekend during my visit.... it was bad. the menu was totally uninspired; dishes were bland and generic, and with ingredients that mostly had travelled farther than I had. I honestly don't know how it's stayed in business- i wish I had gone anywhere else.

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            I agree Karolena. I had the baked oysters - they were ok, but nothing special. In fact, that was the rest of my meal as well. The rack of lamb was decent, but my girlfriends seafood fricassee (or was it the cioppino?) was pretty lackluster and bland.

            Overpriced in my opinion. Way overhyped. I'd rather spend the same money at Nola, or spend a little more for Cuvee or August.

            1. re: Kingrover

              Reading the last couple of comments about the Pelican Club was disconcerting, to say the least. I guess I'll take my chances, as it appears PC can be inconsistent. In any case, I'm not paying for the meal -- it's a business function. I'm sticking with my own choices of Brightsten's, K-Paul's, Commander's Palace and Dick & Jenny's. I'll report back when I return. Thanks again for the comments.

              1. re: John Fugel

                I have never had anything short of a great meal there. I would stick with it...if you report back that it was a poor outing, then something must be up in the kitchen.

                This restaurant consistently is rated in the top ten and receives 4 stars every year.

          2. Hey I will be visiting the Pelican Club at the end of this month (May), would love to hear an extensive review from ya John. Or anyone else who has been there quite recently, I had a hard time deciding where to make reservations at, and I'm hoping I made the right choice!


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            1. re: reagand

              The Pelican Club? You might go once. But I'll bet you don't go a second time. Just too many other places nearby with better food, better service, better ambience.....

              1. re: mardy

                After dining at The Pelican Club last Tuesday night, I'd agree with mardy that it's a one-time experience. My wife and I were guests at a client dinner, so it really wasn't our restaurant choice. I did read some good reviews here, so I was expecting a pretty good meal. I'd describe it as "above average," but certainly not in the same league as the other places we picked on our own: Commander's Palace, K-Paul's, Dick & Jenny's, and our favorite, Brigtsten's. My biggest complaint with Pelican Club was that they're still understaffed and food was not hot by the time it reached the table. With so many other great places in town, I wouldn't recommend The Pelican Club.