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Mar 30, 2007 12:24 PM

Oysters in L.A.

Anyone know of a good place to get good raw oysters in L.A.? Is it me, or does this town have a desperate need for an oyster bar?

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  1. I had a great oyster appetizer at Sushi Roku. It was oysters in a half shell with a dolup of sea urchin and salmon eggs on top of each oyster. Does anyone know what this appetizer is called? It is really tasty.

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    1. re: sivanlives

      yes, i've had that appetizer. spicy and surprisingly good.

    2. That used to be the one good point of Ocean Ave. Seafood in Santa Monica. Have you given it a try? Also I believe that Gulfstream in Century City has a raw bar but not certain of their o selection.

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      1. re: tony michaels

        Ocean Ave in Santa Monica is great. They have Oyster Happy Hour every day, including weekends (would have to call for hours) where the oysters are $1.50 on the half shell, and it's about $12 for an oyster / wine sampler (3 small glasses of wine, and 6 oysters). Always very good and very fresh.

      2. water grill has an oyster bar..i also rememeber having some good oysters at McCormick & Schmick's

        1. This is a really good question. I have been Jonesing for some really good Kumomoto's. So far the only place is McCormickic's and many times they are out.

          1. I don't know where my brain was before but it finally slipped into gear...Quality Seafood on the Redondo Beach Pier. They normally have an amazing array of oysters and they range from under a buck a piece to under $2 (or least those were the prices last year). And now with the weather getting better you can sit out at one of the tables and have an al fresco oyster fest with enough beers to wash those glistening little beauties down.


            Update: I just checked with them and they said they are offering 25 different types of oysters right now with the prices running from $1.20 ea up to $1.85 ea.