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Mar 30, 2007 12:24 PM

Funky wine bar?

Hey guys! I'm turning 21 this weekend and have been hoping to celebrate with my mom and boyfriend at a wine bar. I'm looking for something funky, with good food (i.e. maybe a little more than a meat and cheese plate), and hopefully flights/tastings. Any ideas?

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  1. Most people will roll their eyes...but I highly recommend The Divine Bar East. Great wine selection, AWESOME sangria, charming atmosphere, and an extensive food menu with tasty choices.

    Rave reviews...see for yourself!

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      Is the bar affiliated with Divine?

      1. re: LFeinberg

        In addition, "Flute" is a champagne bar that offers flights and food. :)

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          I'm not "rolling my eyes", but I don't think this fits what the OP is looking for at all. Divine is not at all funky and is generally populated with a post-work suit crowd.

          For a more fun environment, head downtown and go to Bar Carerra or Veloce. Both have great selections and tapas-style small dishes. These are small, but not fancy places.

          Taralucci e Vino near Union Square is more industrial sleek with some good wine selections, if that's more your style.

        2. Inoteca in Nolita.
          Good selection of Italian wines to go with the good Italian taps-style dishes.

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            'inoteca is great, but no flights. Great wines either way. Also, it's lower east side, not Nolita....

          2. The inoteca at I Trulli on 23 is very nice. They serve flights and (although there has been debate) I think the food is quite good.

            1. some other places to consider (with less in the way of flights, but more in the way of a fun/hip environment):
              - in vino (4th street)
              - il posto accanto (2nd street)
              - otherroom
              - inoteca is great but will be packed
              - bar carrera or bar veloce (or both)
              - perbacco (more food, but great wine options)

              1. Hey guys, thanks so much for the suggestions! I obviously have some menu research to do!