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Mar 30, 2007 12:00 PM


so I tried it-we had take out-ribs and a pulled pork sandwich

overall,,,,,just ok-certainly not great or even very good-memphis barbeque in Woodbridge is much better.

The ribs lacked flavour and were a bit tough and dry-which means they either smoked them for too long or at too high a temperature. Also their rub needs work. The pulled pork Sandwich was also lacking flavour and again was kind of dry.

On the the plus side the baked beans were pretty good. I think because they just opened they have bugs to work out. Perhaps in a month or so they will get the cooking time and temperature down. Their sauce and rub though has to be improved.

I wouldn't run back, but I would probably give it some time to get organized and try again in a few weeks-if anyone else tries it, I would be interested in their thoughts.

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  1. went there tonight.

    music was nice, a little loud
    toke a 'around the world' sampler (beef, pulled pork, chicken, wet ribs with BBQ sause, cole slaw, beens)

    the meat was not hot (had to send it back to get it re-heated)
    Beef and pull pork was VERY DRY. no sauce till i aplied it myself
    Ribs were ok, but nothing great.
    slaw was good
    beens was ok
    sour dough bread, seemed stall to me (hard on the outside)

    Now i have been down south and i expect for this meal to me 'messy' in terms of sauce etc. But unfortunately it was far from such.

    It was busy and when we were leaving there seemed to be a person setting up for some music.

    overall rated by me and my better half 5 out of ten

    1. Went last night, and got take out. The staff seemed friendly enough. But the pork and the ribs were something else entirely. I totally echo your comments. The pork was dry, even with the extra sauce I poured over it (which I did to get some flavour into the meat) , the ribs weren't too bad, but yes, a little tougher that I am used to.

      Disappointing, as I was looking forward to a BBQ place local to my apartment.

      Ah well....guess I will have to continue the trek to Woodbridge.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. My daughters and I dine out regularly (at least twice per week) and make it a point to try new restaurants. Both daughters are rib lovers, so when we discovered online a new BBQ place only 10 minutes from home, it seemed a natural.

          My daughter ordered the wet ribs, heavyweight size, BBQ sauce. When it arrived, it did not look heavyweight. But the key is the taste, of which there was little. Little, if any, smoke taste and a boring sauce flavour. We had to request some extra sauce BBQ, which had enough flavour to give some taste.

          Bean were reported as OK and the slaw was not pleasant.

          As an aside, I ordered the garden salad with chicken. Boring salad (iceberg, cucumber, tomato and some carrot) with a small amount of chicken. I have had at the Pickle Barrel.

          My daughter and I both agreed that Mamphis Style BBQ is not a repeat experience.