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Mar 30, 2007 11:59 AM

Wine pairing for Gorgonzola pizza?

I'm doing a Gorgonzola pizza. Maybe a little prosciutto, some spinach, toasted pignoli. Trying to think of a good red pairing. My first thought was a lighter, fruity Italian red, e.g. Barbera d'Asti.

Any other ideas?

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  1. I agree that a Barbera would be good, but I also love Chianti Classico with pizza and blue cheeses (although not so much with prosciutto)...maybe a nice rosato would be a good compliment...

    1. Amarone, especially one with some bottle age.

      Personally, I'd probably go for an Oloroso or Amontillado sherry. But red they ain't.

      1. Zinfandel and Pinot Noir are great matches for a rich blue cheese. I'd go for Zinfandel here given the prosciutto.

        Here's a hint... add some backnotes of Parmesan Reggiano to the mix as P.R. is an incredible match with Zinfandel also.

        1. Thank you for the great suggestions.

          I've ended up going with a Barbera d'Alba (nice tart fruit, long finish) but am very interested in repeating this dish with your pairings.


          1. Wine and pizza are not a natural pairing. The acidity of the tomato sauce and the mouth-coating quality of the oil overwhelm the subtlety of good wine.

            Go with a good beer -- perhaps a Belgian lambic.

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              In my experience, certain wines match very well with pizza. With my usual sausage and mushroom pizza I like light, young, high-acid reds like zweigelt, Veneto cabernet franc, or txacoli. A big, rustic barbera with a few years of bottle age is also a good match. Really any rustic red with substantial acid or tannin.

              The Neapolitans who invented pizza would be very surprised to hear that it's not good with wine!

              1. re: KRS

                Wine and pizza is a GREAT match. So, too, is beer. It's all a matter of taste . . . hey, I know people who drink Pepsi or even milk with pizza and enjoy the combination just fine! ;^)

                1. re: KRS

                  Where'd the OP mention tomatoes? My reccos were based on the assumption that this is a white pizza. But even if it weren't and even agreeing that tomatoes present a challenge for some red wines, there are plenty of dry, high-acid reds that go just fine with red pizza and pasta.

                  1. re: carswell

                    Don't think that they were mentioned, until recently. However, just as you, and others state, a nice higher-acid red, like the Barbera (mentioned by R Lauriston) and a young Chianti do very well.


                    1. re: Bill Hunt

                      With a pizza bianca including Gorgonzola, I'd also consider an intense but not overly refined Alsatian white, like a Zind-Humbrecht Pinot d'Alsace.