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Mar 30, 2007 11:53 AM

2 topics in one? Senegalese and UWS

I have two requests.

1. Looking for a delicous Senagalese place anywhere in the city, that might be somewhat vegetarian friendly.

2. Planning to have dinner in the UWS or farther north and looking for a new place. Mexican, New American, more than $15 per entree....casual but good and fun?


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  1. i would tell you to look for a place called sun-chan.. Its a Japanese Yakitori and sushi place on the UWS.. on like 103 and broadway.. I would tell you to stay away from the sushi and go with the grilled offerings.

    1. Can't help you w/ the Sengalese, but here's an idea for the latter:
      The Boat Basin Cafe...people may roll their eyes, but the prices are very reasonable and you cannot beat the location and views! Plus, the weather is supposed to be GREAT this weekend!

      1. both topics can be combined in one - you can find Senegalese restaurants on W116 and around - which makes it "or farther north" like you said. Heck, realtors even call Washington Heights UWS.
        I've only been to Africa Kine on 116th St. (corner of 8th ave.) and liked it. Some people on this board are fond of La Marmite on 8th ave around 122nd st.
        I'm not sure if they're vegetarian friendly though. I think it's best to go around lunch time, because I found many dishes become unavailable during dinner time.

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          Warning that La Marmite is no longer at 8th Ave and 122nd. I saw a sign up near their old location saying that they are open at 172 East 118th St (btwn Lex and 3rd Ave). Also passed another branch on Adam Clayton Powell (7th Ave) in the 130s recently but it wasn't open. Don't know if it was because it was early in the day, or if they're not up and running yet at that location.
          For more info on La Marmite:
          FWIW, I prefer La Marmite over Africa Kine, which was recommended in this thread. And besides white rice, salad, and plantains, I'm not sure there's much that you can do that's vegetarian, at Africa Kine or La Marmite. (And if that's your plan, go to Florence's, which Brian S recommends below for the spicy kelewele instead).

          1. re: rose water

            Since stews are made to order at Florence's, the friendly people there will probably be able to make a peanut soup with plaintains or other veg instead of meat. All these places have fish, if you consider fish a vegetable. (Catch that vegetable, it's swimming away!)

        2. Would you consider Ghanaian food? Thanks to this board, I found a place where I got some of the best African food I've ever eaten.

          As Welle said, there are countless restaurants on 116 east of 8th Av serving Senegalese food. Many have been discussed on this board; do a search for "cheb"