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Wine that goes with brisket

I'm thinking bordeaux? Any other ideas?



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    1. Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Brunello, CdP (in a non-stinky style), Toro, Rioja, Priorat, Cab Franc from just about anywhere.

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        Zinfandel. Any other questions ?? (just kidding)

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          I am going to second Rioja, but do right and just grab some miller high life. I do not jest.

        2. In my experience wine pairing can be as much about the sauce and spices used in cooking/serving as it can be about the 'meat' itself. I'd think that lots of medium to full-bodied reds would work with brisket depending on how it's made. If there's a tomato-y componenet you'll probably want something a little more acidic. If it's a spicy-ish dish you could go as far as ZInfandel I'd think.

          1. Yup yup. Forgot about Zin. Deffinitely a good choice.

            1. Depending on exactly how it is done, I'd lean to a Côte-Rôtie, or an Hermitage to accompany the “smoke,” that would be in MY brisket. Next choice would be a Zin.


              1. I would like it with an earthy Rhone wine, like a Gigondas.

                1. It really does depend on your braising liquid. I make mine with beer and chili sauce, so beer is often my beverage of choice. But a Rhone or a Syrah also seem to go well.

                  1. How is the brisket prepared? Passover like a Eastern European yenta in the kitchen? Nouveau-kosher with lots of herbs?

                    Slow smoked ala Texas?

                    Argentinian style with a chimichurri sauce?

                    Mmmm I gotta head the to butcher, I am getting hungry...

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                      Yes, sauce is important. Mmmm.... Chimichurri :) Where's the Malbec!

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                        I second third and fourth the Zin with most briskets. But as has been pointed out, not all briskets are made the same. Rhone would also be one of my favorites but I don't buy French wines anymore.

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                          I totally agree with a Rhone Syrah but maybe a Cali or Texan Syrah would be good. Or an Aussie Shiraz.

                    2. bordeaux would not be my choice and I'd second the Gigondas (les pallieres being a favorite) or the zins

                      1. We're pairing a Sangiovese with a smoked brisket tomorrow.