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Mar 30, 2007 11:23 AM

Opus - interesting foie gras

Last weekend at Opus as part of a tasting menu we got a dish I thought I'd share with the board. Basically, there were three thin slices of foie gras on a plate (almost like sashimi) smothered in what the chef described as a congee accented with vanilla and pineapple. It was one of the most unique appetizers I've ever had, and one of the best flavor combinations as well. It was our first time at Opus, and that dish alone has us wanting to return.

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    1. After reading many positive chowhound reviews, I finally got to Opus this week. What a delightful meal. My dining companion and I opted to go all out-- the nine course tasting menu with wine pairings. It was quite impressive. (Sorry--I should have taken notes and noted each course and pairing, but I was selfish and in a culinary coma!) The chef came out to say hello--he was quite charming. I asked him if he ever read "chowhounds." He said--"no, I'm afraid to!" I told him he had many fans on this site, and he should read, and revel in, his reviews. I'll certainly go back. Wonderful, inventive food at very reasonable prices. The space is pleasant, though I wish more people had been there. The wine choices were interesting. A couple missed the mark a bit, but overall they were carefully selected and complimentary to the food.

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        Do you mind sharing the price of your tasing menu w/wine pairings? I have been wanting to go with a group of girlfriends.

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          I didn't see the bill, so I'm not sure what they charged for the wine pairings. But the tasting menus are 3 courses for $30/ six for $60/ 9 for $90. I've read many postings about added courses for the 3 course menu. Since we were having the full blown nine, there wasn't much to add. But I believe we had a couple of little "amuse" courses that were lovely.

      2. We went to Opus last week for my wife's birthday and had that same dish. I reported it on Chowhound, commenting on the remarkable texture and taste. It was the highlight of our tasting menu!

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          What was the texture of the foie gras/how was it prepare? Sounds intriguing. I'm trying to eat as much foie gras as I can before the ban takes effect... :)

          I also am looking forward to another visit now that it sounds like the tasting menu has been changed up. My last visit was great.

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            It was raw, sliced thin, but the congee was warm so the foie gras did cook just a bit. Texture-wise, it was a little slippery, and then melted right away.

        2. Sounds yummy -- my foie gras experience at Opus was prepared like a "creme brulee" - which was interesting too, though yours sound better.


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            By the way, this dish was followed up by corn masa soup with rabbit carnitas on top. We were pretty bowled over.