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Mar 30, 2007 11:21 AM

Where to get home style taiwanese food in Milpitas/ San Jose Area

Hi....wanted to see where I can get taiwanese food in the area. I went with a girlfriend to a restaurant in San Mateo and she ordered all this yummy stuff. I like onion pancakes and that other dish with the chinese donut in the middle, dried shredded pork and rice on the outside. Someone told me it's called Fan Tuan. Also the Soy Milk...YUMMY! Any recommendations would be gretly appreciated.

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  1. Southland Taste in Cupertino is pretty authentic.

    Here's another thread about Taiwanese food in Milpitas:

    1. Fan Tuan is a sticky rice roll with various ingredients inside, ranging from preserved vegetables, pork sung (dried shaved pork, looks like brown iron wool at times), and chopped up yoh tieou/cruller/Chinese donut stick), typically all 3. Mostly a breakfast item or brunch on weekends that you can easily get at any Northern Chinese restaurant that also serves freshly made hot soy milk (and even at your local Marina supermarket in Cupertino, and maybe at select 99 Ranch markets on weekends).

      In Taipei there are places that make variations of fan tuan, using purple or black sticky rice. Very interesting combos and good stuff sadly that don't make it to our shores (maybe except in LA/Monterey Park/San Gabriel/Arcadia area).

      Your best bet for the items that you just mentioned for San Jose, sounds like Chef Woo will fit that bill. The Chinese donut (and perhaps also fan tuan) and Soy Milk are only served on weekends/brunch time.

      Chef Woo
      6154 Bollinger Road
      San Jose, CA 95129
      (408) 255-7520

      I've never been here but reports pretty much say the brunch stuff is great and everything else is interesting. Report back if you try it out. Apparently numerous South Bay Taiwanese expats flock here too.

      2m8ohed pretty much covered other aspects of Taiwanese food in the 2nd link. Ay Chung in Milpitas does not serve the brunch items or soy milk but if you are hankering for almost near authentic (and I'm being picky here with my terms) common street food fare dishes, this place hits the spot while disappointing fans of the original Ay Chung in Taipei at the same time :-)

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        Chef Woo's is decent. The salty soy milk (better than it sounds) is pretty good. My favorite thing there is the fried pork buns. Take a pass on their noodle dishes.

      2. I've had excellent Fan Tuan, salty soy milk, 8-treasure rice, and crullers (you tiao) at China Stix (served only on weekends). My two meals there were better than the one I had at Chef Woo... although, the friend who took me to Chef Woo is Taiwanese and a reliable hound, so maybe they were having an off day when I went. The last time I went, the Northern Chinese breakfast specialties were only written in Chinese .

        2110 El Camino Real
        Santa Clara, CA

        1. The stuff you are describing is usually Taiwanese breakfast fare. You need to look for a place that serves Taiwanese style breakfast. I don't know about the San Jose area, but where I live in Seattle this is not an easy thing to find.

          The onion pancakes you might be able to find at some "dim sum" places.
          The dried shredded pork you can find at an Asian grocery store, but look for a brand that says made in Taiwan, not in the U.S. Most of the food items that have made their way across the Pacific have been lost in translation.


          1. in addition to the forementioned i'm a regular at a&j restaurants - there is one in the jacklin rd (i think) 99 ranch plaza - across from the main post office and one in cupertino village which i frequent.

            3.6.9. or whatever it's called these days has a similar menu and is next door to the san jose location.

            this stuff is fairly easy to find, i just haven't found a place that 'blew my socks off' so to speak.