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Mar 30, 2007 10:53 AM

First Dinner in Paris

We will be arriving on a Sunday in May for our first trip to Paris. Our hotel is located on rue de Turbigo near the Republique. I would like to have recommendations for our first/welcome dinner. I'm looking for a small bistro in the ~20 euros/person range, preferrably not too far from the hotel, that would set a wonderful start to this trip.

Your help would be much appreciated. TIA!

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  1. Try Le Trumilou down by the river, 84, quai de Hotel de Ville, 01 42 77 63 98, their prix fixe 3 course dinner is 17.50 euros, so with wine it should come out to arund 20 euros. I would go for the more variety on the ala carte menu, especially the plat du jour. Other Sunday options: At a higher price point is Mon Viel Ami on the Ile St. Louis. It has two seatings at 7pm and 9:30pm. The saint jacques (scallops) are devine and I loved the chocolate pie. On top of that you get to stroll the lovely Ile on your first evening in Paris. 69 rue St. Louis en L'Ile, 01 40 46 01 35. Get the reservation ahead of time. Paris is busy in May. Another wonderful place that is open on Sunday is L'Ambassade D'Avergne. You get the hearty food of the Avergne at a very reasonable price.
    Although loaded with calories and fat, you should not miss (share an order) the l'aligot--it is a heavenly mixture of pureed potatoes combined with loads of garlic and cantal cheese--oh my. Also, there are other typical dishes of that region such as potage and pork confit and Avergne Ham. It is located at 22 rue Grenier St. Lazare--telephone 01 42 72 31 22.

    These are three very different places. I hope one will suit you. Have fun and report back to us.

    1. See if Chez Janou near Place de Vosges is open on Sunday. If it is; go as it is one of the best value brasseries in Paris.