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Mar 30, 2007 09:54 AM

Costco Favorites? What are they?

I will be doing a Costco run this weekend and wanted some new ideas for not-to-miss items. I always like the artichoke hearts, the 2lb bulk fresh mozzarella (a true cost-savings), the frozen potstickers, and the mini-bell peppers. Any new ideas would be appreciated! I realize Costco isn't the epicenter of gourmet foodstuffs, but here in the Midwest I'll take what I can get, so please save the criticisms and share the highlights!

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  1. I am a new member to Costco(I enrolled to get a good deal on tires for my SUT.), and I have found some items a good deal. $9.99/lb. King Crab Legs, a 5 pack of some of the freshest avocados for just over $5.00 a bag, & cheap Enfamil baby formula. I have also found their meats to be above average in quality(for choice graded meat), and pretty decent in price. Although I still buy most meats/poultry @ my local butcher shop which is top notch(prime beef). I imagine I will find more items @ Costco on my visit this weekend.

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      Stacey's brand pita chips are yummy! I find the premade spinach and seafood dips to chunky/fattening, but others seem to like it.

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        They have an artichoke jalapeno dip that I'm pretty well addicted to.

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        I just saw an Alton show where he picked up a whole tenderloin at Costco for a great price, if you don't mind trimming and cutting it yourself.

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          I've done this and it is totally worth it. I don't remember the actual weight, but for a $60 piece, I got 13 roughly palm-sized, 1.5" steaks. I will never pay full price for filet mignon again.

          Oh, and their whole tri-tips are a really good value.

      3. Where do I begin......Stuffed sweet peppers, they come in a jar down by the cheeses. So good would be a perfect party appetizer.
        Rotisserie chicken, I don't know how they do it but they are delicious.
        Prepared pizza, they're huge and only $7.99 loaded or plain, they barely fit in my oven.
        Artichoke raviolis very good
        Many more but they escape me. I've never had a bad piece of meat, and their ground beef usually runs 50-75 cents/lb cheaper then any market close to me.
        Oh if you're into trail mix try the Tropical at least that's what I think i

        1. If they have Petit Basque (a sheep's milk cheese) in the cheese section, at $10.99/lb. it's a great buy. It's the exact same cheese that goes for $15-20 most places, even on line.

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            1. Here in San Francisco I can buy a 3lb bag of organic coffee beans for $10. I don't recall the brand, but the Golden Gate Bridge is on the bag.

              We also buy cheeses there. The chunks are pretty big, but they are good if we are having a party.