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Mar 30, 2007 09:40 AM

Where to eat and drink near United Palace Theatre (175th and BDWY) tonite!

Will be making first foray to the United Palace to see Bloc Party tonite. I know of a good cuban sandwich place near Coumbia Pres. but interested to know of any soul, carib, latino etc for some pre show frolic in the "vecino". Cheers.

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  1. I have had a dozen or so cubans from El Prez when seeing the doc at the hospital, but he's now at Beth Israel. Haven't been in the area for awhile but hope that option is still there.

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      1. I've heard about a very good Dominican rest. across the street from the Theatre called El Conde. Any chance you have an xtra ticket for the show, I'll be heading up there in hopes of finding one.

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          Sorry I didn't see your reply before leaving for the show. I didn't have any extras anyway. BUT, there were both locals and brokers selling on the block, so perhaps it would be worth a trip up there for tonite's show. The theatre is a stunner. Most ornate music venue this side of Radio City. Foodwise, ended up at El Prez. The friday seafood soup was funky, savory, good w/ plenty chunks of fruta de mar both definable and undefinable. The ice cold domincan pilsner (name began with a Q) was a nice surprise. Have to look for it the next time I'm slummin in the triple digits. And thanks for the tip Uptownflavor, next time mate.

        2. Plenty of Dominican places (search under Washington Heights and they will come up) but I've heard that Mofongo House is especially good. If you have time you may want to get off the train at 137th Street and treat yourself to a nice dinner at the newly opened Cafe Largo then jump back on the train to 175 Street.

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            We are making the journey to see Van the Man on 03/15. Any additional recommendations suggestions would be welcome.