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Mar 30, 2007 09:23 AM

Fish Tacos in CT

I'm looking for good fish tacos in connecticut.

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  1. Agave in downtown Hartford and Southington has decent ones. I just had a soft one and crunchy one there on Monday (Hartford location). They are the closest to ones I've had at little Mexican joints in San Diego however I must mention that they use iceberg lettuce rather than cabbage.

    also, I must say that I tried Baja Fresh (various locations) and their Fish tacos don't cut it.

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    1. re: masha bousha

      Baja's in Orange is terrible. My husband & I had high hopes. They use deep fried fish & have a salsa bar.

    2. We haven't looked too assiduously, but have nonetheless seen bupkes in the New Haven area. Making our own satisfies the need for now.

      1. I had some mighty tasty fish tacos at the Jasper White's Summer Shack in Mohegan Sun. I went there with chain-food expectations (had never eaten at a Summer Shack) and was pleasantly surprised!

        1. Not far from Connecticut is the great town of Wakefield, Rhode Island. Surfin' Tacos in Wakefield has been serving up award winning fish tacos for 4 years now.

          Jerry Saywell

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            I visited Surfin Taco's this past Monday. Very nice place in a vintage town center. Parking was simple, etc. The interior of the building was nice, spacious, etc.

            Fish tacos were a little over $3. Other tacos were a smidge over $2. I got one fish taco and one chicken taco (flour tortilla).

            Both tacos were quite small. Fish taco had very little fish in it.

            The fish taco "shell" was terrible. First bite in - had a rubbery texture to it - almost like uncooked spaghetti. Overall - not a fan at all.

            Chicken taco was alright - I think it was better than the fish taco - but it was double wrapped in flour tortillas and they were quite poor tasting. Overpowered the taco. Not too great.

            The tacos came with tortilla chips that were quite thick & crunchy - a tad on the overdone side. Not sure if they make these in-house. The salsa (I ordered hot) was actually hot and pretty good - and that was the only saving grace of this place.

            I wouldn't recommend it at all. I had high hopes going in - and found it to be in a nice setting and all - but the food just didn't deliver, and was highly priced for what you were getting. Oh well - it was definitely worth the shot.

          2. I must say for a fast food joint -- Baja Fresh's fish tacos are not too shappy -- the best for fast food.