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Pappa's Steakhouse

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I'm not a big steaky person. I don't know what makes one steak place better then another. I did N9NE a couple of weeks ago and didn't think it was too bad. Kinda loud, a bit pretentious, but my steak was ok.

I am supposed to go to Pappa's for steaks tonight. I don't know much about their steak place. I've done the Mexican and Seafood. And admit I was a hostess in high school at their now defunct Italian place in Houston (Pappamia RIP). No clue about their steak place. Any suggestions? Any thoughts?


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  1. I think Pappas is really good but over priced. I have heard wonderful things about the Strip House. I haven't been but it is next on my list. I also like the original Perry's Steakhouse in Clear Lake.

    1. pappa's is excellent--very good steaks, huge and pricey winelist. Typical steak place sides and big yummy desserts (try the moonpie ala mode). I hear but have never tried that the seafood dishes are also tasty.

      I prefer n9ne steaks--the filets Ive had at n9ne in dallas, chicago and vegas have always without exception been near perfection.

      1. I haven't been to the one on Westheimer (I assume that's where you're going), but Pappas Grill, their steakhouse on the SW Freeway, is excellent. I could make a meal from the appetizers and sides (love the coconut shrimp) and never get to the main attraction--but that would be a shame, because the steaks are fine. We were treated to a marvellous seated dinner party there at Christmas time and all of the food and wine was outstanding. I'm sure the one on Westheimer is no different. You'll probably enjoy whatever you choose to order.

        1. I didn't know that Pappamia left the area of Houston! You might recognize some of your high school cohorts, I did when I went in last year to Pappa's Brothers. I thought it was really good. The atmopshere is good and the service is excellent. They have a wide variety of choice in regard to food, so you shouldn't have a problem!

          1. Pappa's and Flemings are the best steakhouses in town, in my opionion. Pappa's is my first choice. The waiters are good, but at these prices, I wish they'd be more sophisticated, at the level you'd expect from a fine restaurant. Only other criticism, but a stronger one, is that the wine prices are too high, even for simple wines. They're also served too warm.

            Overall I love Pappas and it's always my first choice for steaks.

            1. Well, overall, the dinner was very good. I do agree with those who commented about the staff. N9NE waitstaff was a bit more on par with the food served at Pappas.

              The lobster bisque was very tasty. A bit buttery though. I had the best ever at Abacus a couple of years ago and nothing has compared. The steak was delicious. I had the filet with a bernaise sauce and lobster. We substituted the au gratin potatoes and had a side of asparagus.

              Very tasty, but I couldn't eat all of it. Very rich. I don't think I can do steak too often, but I would definately go back.

              1. My boyfriend and I seem to go to steak places a lot even though I don't always get them, I know when he likes them and which ones have been better overall experiences. I think Pappa's Steakhouse is very high-up on the totem pole of local steak places and I had a piece of his and it was perfectly cooked and divine. I hear your feelings about it being a Pappa's place, but they really go above and beyond with their steaks. I also like Flemings, Vic & Anthony's, The Palm, and The Lodge. If you go to Papas you won't be dissappointed, at least I think that would be pretty hard.
                PS - I used to LOVE Pappamia!!! I was so sad when I moved back and it was gone:(