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Mar 30, 2007 09:12 AM

Finally Going to Degustation- New Menu?

Got reservations at Degustation for next week and I am so excited!!! I was wondering if anyone has been lately and whether the menu has changed or not. I looked up reviews but they were from a while ago.

I was also wondering if it's better to go tasting menu or a la carte. Since it's our first time I'm thinking the tasting is the way to go even though my SO and I don't eat foie gras.

Also I was wondering if everyone is dressed pretty casual here- like jeans? We plan to be going out and about around the east village before and after. Thanks

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  1. The menu has some slight variations - lamb belly in place of pork belly for instance - but is mostly similar to what it has been. Tasting may be the way to go although either way works. For a la carte they suggested three items pp ordered up front and we ended up adding a fourth later. On the casual side too - jeans should be ok. Service can be brusque if efficient. Overall a wonderful place.

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      Agree with burton. Both tasting and a la carte will work equally well, it is just a matter of whether there are very specific dishes that you want to try and are not included in the tasting menu.

      As for the foie gras, there were that many foie gras appearing on the dishes (as far as I can remember). But you you tell them upfront, they will be happy to accommodate.

      Yes, jeans are perfectly fine. Another note, even if you have reservation you may still need to wait for awhile. It happened to me 2 times out of my 4 visits (so 50% chance...). But other than that, I love everything about this restaurant!

      1. re: kobetobiko

        I have said this several times on chowhound. If you are an open eater, have the Chef Wesley serve you one dish at a time at his discretion. I think the menu is evenly good so the surprise as each dish comes is fun....

        1. re: jsmitty

          Thanks for all of the replies!

          One question- So do I have an option of having the chef's choice persay rather than just the regulas tasting menu? Or are they one in the same?

          1. re: roze

            he will serve you mostly what's on the menu in the form of a tasting.. if you are charming like me you may get a surprise!

            1. re: jsmitty

              Thanks...umm I think I'm charming.....I guess we'll just see!