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Mar 30, 2007 09:05 AM

Sunday night dinner

We are taking our mother to NO for her 80th in October. We will arrive early Sunday evening after a family wedding in Dallas on Sat. night. So, we will be tired. We are staying at the Windsor Court. Can anyone suggest someplace within walking distance that is delicious and pretty mellow? And casual too. And we dont want to eat in the hotel.

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  1. Palace Cafe might be good. It is pretty nice and within walking distance. People on this board don't generally like the food - but I think it is quite good (as do other visitors). The decor is really lovely.
    605 Canal St.

    1. Galatoire's would be my choice. I love The Windsor Court. Cross Canal and turn left about 3/4 blocks.........Ask for Richard for your waiter..........Bon appetit.........

      1. Rio Mar is pretty close to your hotel. Check them out at

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          i thought rio mar is closed on sundays?