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Mar 30, 2007 08:22 AM

"sweet gallery" on mount pleasant, anyone been?

I can't believe i've been driving past by this charming store for almost a year! I always look on the other side of the street (celestin and jules) to see if they're still open. Unfortunately, both of them are always closed by the time I reach that neighbourhood. Anyhow, has anyone been to the store? What do they specialize in? cakes? or little pastries?

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  1. They are part of a small chain and have been there forever. It's supposed to be "Mittel European", but they also have a lot of French style cakes and pastries. It's a lovely little place. However, I've always felt that their stuff looked much better then it actually tasted.

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      hahahha, dissed~

      i was just looking for some reviews and most people have agreed that their apple strudel is best in town. Guess i'll give that a try. I konw there are lots of pastry shops around that neighbourhood, dufflet, jules, celestin, wanda's pie. Are there any more that i miss mentioning?

    2. "A year"??? I've been driving by it for ....25 years? Yikes, that place has been around forever and I can't even remember how long ago it was that I walked in, sampled, and shrugged. There is a reason for driving by.

      1. Word of warning: a friend of mine recently bought a cake at Sweet Gallery one morning for a work function, and the same day, they cut into it to find blue mold inside.