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SEA: Wines from Alsace

I'm not sure whether this should go here, or in the wines board.

I really enjoy white wines from Alsace; especially Gewurztraminer, Riesling, and Pinot Gris. I've had a hard time finding any shops in town that have a very good selection of those wines though.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Try the Vineyard Wineshop on Greenwood, I believe it is right around 83rd or so, Patrick has a great selection of the wines you are after.


    1. I would give Patrick at the Vineyard wineshop on 8218 Greenwood Ave N a call. The phone # is (206) 706-7349. I'm into reds, so I don't know how many wines he carries from Alsace, but I am sure he has some. His focus is "old world" style wines - very knowledgeable.

      1. I'm a big fan of the staff at McCarthy & Schiering on Queen Anne. And if they don't have what you are looking for in the store, they can always order it in for you.

        1. my taste in wines is exactly like yours save for the fact that i, for a number of reasons, prefer those from closer to home - dilaurenti in the market always has washington, oregon and - occasionally - british columbian selections of those varietals

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            I tend to find new world pinot gris lacking body. I also usually find the rieslings and gewurztraminers from the northwest a little too sweet.

            The dry rieslings I've found are usually very good, but they tend to either be very cheap and not that complex, or much more expensive.

          2. Have you tried Esquin on 4th Ave S? They have a HUGE selection in general, and I know their European wine buyer is a big fan of Alsatian wines. I'm pretty sure they have an Alsatian section-I think I bought my last wine for raclette from it. They can also point you to some great Rieslings, etc from Germany.

            1. I second the vote for McCarthy & Schiering on Queen Anne. Best store in Seattle. They will order for you. I like - Mann, Dirler, Deiss, Weinbach and Bott-Geyl for Alsace.

              Also - try Austria for Riesling, whcih I think are a step above the typical Rieslings from Alsace. Look for a wine from the Wachau at the "Smaragd" level.

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                How does it compare to the store in Ravenna? That one is right near me, but the one in queen anne is quite a trek.

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                  The convenience factor is obviously huge. Dan McCarthy (QA) and Jay Schiering (Ravenna) are partners so I think the stores are like-minded. QA has always been more convenient for me so I know and like the staff there but I'm sure that Ravenna would take good care of you. Stop in tomorrow. They have wines open for tasting on Saturdays and you can check the place out.

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                    FWIW, I've always preferred QA, but that may simply be because I've met Dan on several occasions, whereas I don't know Jay.

                2. I want to thank everyone who recommended the vineyard wineshop on greenwood. He by far has the best Alsace section I've seen. He only had a few bottles I'd seen anywhere else, and thankfully was completely without the Trimbach, Hugel, Zund Humbrech, Dopff & irion, etc. Not that these wines are bad, it's just that I can get them at the grocery store (the central market in shoreline has a very good selection of these).