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night of the week special--UPDATE

baltoellen Mar 30, 2007 08:03 AM

About two years ago, Warthog posted a query on Night of the Week specials. I was thinking about this since, for some reason this week, I've ended up hitting two of them: steak night at Duda's last night, a 16-oz porterhouse, with baked potato, & veg for $10.99, and, on Tuesday, the $1 crab night at Islander Restaurant on Miller Island in eastern Baltimore County.

I'm trying to make mental notes to remember all these. The Islander also has $1 crabs on Thursday (they were small, from NC, but very, very good, btw) and Duda's has half price burger night on Wednesday, and half price shellfish night on Tuesday....

So, what specials have you made notes on (mental or otherwise)?

BTW, the original post is found here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/17508...

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  1. viperlush RE: baltoellen Mar 30, 2007 08:57 AM

    A similiar thread was started in Jan '07, but it is always good to add to the list.


    The most comprehensive list is the post by Foster:

    City Café—half-price burger night;
    Mick O’Shea’s—burger, fries, and a 16-ounce draft for $6.99;
    One-Eyed Mike’s—$15 steak w/ garlic-smashed potatoes, string beans, and a side Caesar salad;
    Wine Market—20 percent off entrées and 30 wines for under $15.
    Brewers Art – 12 for 12
    Sotta Sopra – 5:30 – 9 1⁄2 price wine
    Bartenders in Canton on Boston Street has $6.00 pizzas (except for the 2 most expensive ones


    Gertrude’s—$10 entrées (reservations a must);
    Kooper’s Tavern—half-price burgers all day and night.
    Taste - complimentary entree when you purchase one from our Specials Menu of equal or greater
    Helens - 3-course wine tasting menu for $29

    Helen’s Garden—selected $12 entrées (notoriously packed);
    Sascha’s 527—$15 comfort-food dinner including wine and chocolate mousse.
    Taste Every Wednesday, treat yourself to some of our bottled bliss with a half-price bottle of wine with each entree ordered. (some restrictions apply)
    Abacrombie in Mt. Vernon has 1/2 price wine night on Wednesday evenings.
    Peters 1⁄2 price wine
    Chamleon café 20-50% off wine
    Henningers is $15 Lobster night, includes lobster, twice baked potato and an ear of corn!
    Birches buy one get another one 1/2 price on certain items (pasta and I believe sandwiches)
    half-price burger night at Kisling's?

    Buddy’s Elliott Street Bar and Grill—$11.95 rib-eye steak with fries; Looney’s Pub—$10.95 lobster dinner.
    Taste Come to Taste for a very special Prix Fixe 3 course menu for just $30.00.
    Helens – 1⁄2 price wine at bar during happy hour
    Prime Rib - lite-fare menu (burger, ribs, crab cakes, etc.)
    Ze Mean Bean $9.99 for a bowl of borscht and an entree of stuffed cabbage (plus other choices).
    Captain Larry's: pitcher and pound of shrimp for $12 & 14.00 (certain beers extra).

    Taste = live jazz fridays at 9:l5

    Wine Market Every Saturday from 2 p.m until 4:30 p.m. we offer a selection of fine wines for our guests to sample. All of the wines featured in the wine tastings are offered at 10% off in the wine shop for that day.

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    1. re: viperlush
      baltoellen RE: viperlush Mar 30, 2007 09:29 AM

      Thanks! I That's definitely a print out and stick on the fridge type of list!

      1. re: viperlush
        viperlush RE: viperlush Apr 30, 2007 08:53 AM

        Little Havana
        Monday- 1/2 price sandwiches
        Tuesday- $1/oz prime rib (min 8 oz)
        Wednesday- $1 oysters and $6 1/2 lb shrimp
        Thursday- 1/2 price crabcake sandwich, crab dip and crab quesadillas. $10 pitchers of margaritas

        Nacho Mama's
        Monday (?) $25 two fajita and a pitcher of margaritas or sangria

        Mike O'Shea's
        Monday- $6.99 burgers and 1/2 price happy hour specials
        Tuesday- $12 rib night
        Wednesday- wing and pitcher night
        Friday- Complimentary happy hour buffett (4-7)
        Saturday- $6 fish and chips
        Sunday- $6.99 shepards pie

      2. a
        ark RE: baltoellen Mar 30, 2007 12:33 PM

        Jack's Bistro has $12 entrees at the bar on Sundays.

        1. KWynn RE: baltoellen May 2, 2007 08:20 AM

          Read this online today: http://www.washingtonian.com/articles...
          It mentions The Washingtonian's favorite happy hour specials.

          1. baltoellen RE: baltoellen Jun 13, 2007 07:12 PM

            Well, these aren't really night of the week specials, but noon to 4pm specials.

            On Mondays at Cross Street Market, Nick's Sushi offers sushi at half price. It can be a wait, but it's a pretty amazing scene watching folks from absolutely all walks of life chowing down on sushi! And, well, the sushi's not at all bad.

            And, on Tuesdays, half price crab cakes at Nick's...

            1. h
              Hue RE: baltoellen Jun 14, 2007 04:53 AM

              By the way The Bayside Grill near The Islander(at North Point and Cuckold Pt Rds) has a great Wednesday $6.99 a lb.steamed shrimp night, deent size shrimp ,potatoes and onions

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