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Mar 30, 2007 07:41 AM

Boca Raton--Anything interesting or "chowish"

We'll be going there on our annual trek to visit the parents. Anyone have any chowish suggestions for a good meal?

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  1. Cucina d'Angelo. It's in a shopping complex just off The Boca Town Center. The address is 5050 Town Center Circle # 247 and the # is 561-750-2344. For lunch, walking-in is OK, but at night you may need to make a reservation, especially on weekends.


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      Can you give me some idea of the food?

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        I second the recommendation. Food is delicious and wonderful wine list, too. Speed of service can sometimes be a bit off when it's extremely busy. Risottos are always good; delicious lasagna (truly Italian--nice ragu and besciamella sauce), wonderful grilled veggie app., always very good fish specials, exellent filet mignon, and the list goes on. (A bit pricey.)

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          How does it compare to "Mario's?" That's where the folks insist on going.

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            Cucina is much better than Mario's, though Mario's is good. For some reason, the East Coasters love Mario's in Boca and I'm not sure why. It's good, but not amazing, IMHO. Cucina is more authentic-feeling to me. The risottos are divine as are the fish specials and the non-red sauces. If I went to Mario's, I'd do more of a Italian-American standby like chicken parm (not that there's anything wrong with chicken parm!). Cucina is a different experience.

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            I third this recommendation! Cucina is probably my favorite restaurant down here. Highly recommend the lobster ravioli!

          3. There are a couple new restaurants that are good - Moquila which has a mexican twist, but lots of great fish and more gourmet options on the menu. Nick's Fishmarket is also new and has a good selection of seafood, and supposedly excellent filet mignon, but it is very pricey. An old standby is Max's Grille which has continental food, great salads, etc. Depending on your taste in food and atmosphere, you might also be interested in McCormick & Schmick's. It's also new and I haven't been there yet, but despite it being part of a chain I have heard only great reviews from those who have tried it here in Boca.

            1. Is your family big on breakfast? If so, a visit to Flakowitz's (N. Federal at 20th St) should be in order. You'll be able to skip lunch.

              Speaking of Flakowitz, the Flakowitz bakery (which is owned by some mysterious combination of the owners of the Boca Flakowitz's and the Flakowitz's up in Boynton (or is it Delray?) out on Glades Rd. near the Turnpike is really good. Authentic old-world baked goods -- such as babka and onion boards -- at absurdly low prices and probably the most generous samples on the face of the earth.

              1. For steaks, it doesn't get better than Abe & Louie's.

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                  New York Prime off Glades.
                  Henry's in Delray (Jog) and Gotham City walking distance from each other (1 minute walk).
                  The Addison ( amazing)
                  Bova - haven't been but heard good reports

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                    did bova used to be mario's tuscan and is it owned by the mario's people?

                2. We second the recs for Cucina D'Angelo. Sooooo good - very pricey but worth it. Try to eat in the wine room. That's fun! We also second the rec for Flakowitz on 20th (or Flaky as we have come to call it). It's better than the one by the turnpike.
                  - Boca Wings (Federal N of 20th)- great wings
                  - Baja Cafe (Glades and Dixie)- good tex mex
                  - Stir Crazy - choose your own stir with kids/family
                  - Bru's room - either in Delray or Pompano Beach - excellent grilled wings. good bar food.