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Mar 30, 2007 07:40 AM

Brooklyn-Made Matzoh?

I'm going to be back in Brooklyn over Passover, and I'd love to find a kosher bakery or shop that sells good-tasting, hopefully freshly made matzoh. The preboxedstuff from the big companies (Manischevitz, etc) is too cardboardy for me...anyone have sources for tasty, maybe handmade matzohs? Thanks! I've also read that the Streitz factory on the LES does a small run of shmura matzoh--anyone tried it?

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  1. Real kosher bakeries close for Passover. Passover products are sold from trucks and in stores that do not normally sell food. This might include storefronts rented for the purpose, or even shoe stores or tailor shops. Residents usually order their shmura matzoh in advance, but if you walk down 13th Ave. in Borough Park this Sunday, you should find some stores that have boxes of matzoh for sale. 13th Ave. should be packed with shoppers. It would be a real Brooklyn experience. Be aware that the going price for shmura matzoh is about $15 a pound. There is also a shmura matzoh factory in BP by the McDonald Ave.el; maybe someone has the exact address. But they too may have all of their product pre-sold.

    There is also a Matzoh bakery in Williamsburg at 427 W. Broadway. 718-388-4008 I don't know whether they sell to the public, but you could give them a try.

    1. I heard there was a scandal with the shmura matzoh this year being made by non-jews and therefore not kosher for passover.

      1. There's a Matzoh bakery on Broadway under the J train near the Hewes Street Station. Its on the north side of the street. I *think* its shmura.

        I recall there's also a shmura bakery on or around 36th Street in Brooklyn, where Kensington meets Borough Park. Its in the vicinity of Dahill Road, past MacDonald Avenue, heading towards 13th Avenue. Walking down Church, make a left on 35 or 36th Street... sorry, its been a few years.

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          You're probably thinking of SHATZER'S on Cortelyou near East 2nd Street...sign on the door sez "No More..."

          Better luck next year...they are dee-lish.

          1. re: Mike R.

            No, this place was not on Cortelyou. And if I remember it right, there was no name anywhere near the door.

            No biggie for me, I'm not the one looking for shmura.

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            The place on Bway and Hewes . All the wood outside the buliding. Is that a fire hazard or what.

          3. Here is a link to a list of the matzoh bakeries in NY:

            I would say, though, that if you're buying it because you think it's going to taste better than mass-market matzoh (hmmm I think that's what I'd name my band if I had one), you may be in for a shock. The couple of times I've had it, it's tasted kind of like a burned stale cracker. Maybe it was not fresh or something, but I don't think taste is what they're going for. Even though it wounds like many of these places are pre-sold out, having nothing to lose,I am going to try to go to one of the ones in WIlliamsburg on Sunday.

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              I think that packaged Passover matzoh tastes like cardboard, but that (locally baked) shmurah matzoh has real character, even if it is a bit burnt (stale only if it is not local, like imported from Israel). That's not to say that it is worth the 25:1 price differential.

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                I'm curious. Isn't there a community of Falasha in The Bronx near Montefoire? I believe they make unleavened bread on stone or iron ware. I also believe they keep to Old Testament dietary and cooking law. Can anyone expand? Am I wrong?

              2. re: gnosh

                We had some from a bakery near Ocean Parkway last year. "Burned, stale cracker" is a good description. Nice to support the locals, but I think I'll stick to Streit's.