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Mar 30, 2007 07:15 AM

Lump Charcoal

Hi all :)

As the nicer weather is near I find myself thinking more and more of grilling outside with my charcoal grill. Currently I am grilling on my gas grill...but my lump coals are still in winter hibernation.

This got me wondering...What's your favorite Lump charcoal and where do you buy it from?

happy grillin'

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  1. Hey dan, I almost always have good results using Grove hardwood charcoal. I get mine from Sunset foods.

    Firing up the charcoal grill is the only thing that gets me through winter...

    1. I go to Berger Brothers. They are a distributor - so the name on the bag may vary. Good quality lump with good pricing. Don't forget to toss a tip to the guy that loads it into your vehicle. :)

      Berger Brother's Charcoal
      1176 N Cherry Ave
      Chicago, IL 6062

      1. I get mine from the Backyard Barbecue Store in Wilmette - I believe they carry Royal Oak - also have a great selection of woods for smoking and other BBQ supplies -

        1147 Greenleaf Ave
        Wilmette, IL
        (847) 251-2272

        1. Menards and Trader Joes sell Cowboy Lump Charcoal. Whole Foods carries the 365 house brand. The Cowboy brand gets mixed reviews. I usually buy the Cowboy brand because Menards and Trader Joes are conveniently located near my house. I live in Andersonville, anyone know of another source for Lump charcoal close to my home?

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          1. re: amoncada

            Hi amoncada,

            I'd really try and steer clear of the Cowboy Lump (which is bagged under a couple other brands). They actually package tongue and groove flooring as hardwood lump...yuk!

            here's a review ( I found the same findings that the reviewers did in the two bags of Cowboy lump that I bought.

            I usually order online...but I think I've seen Royal Oak Lump sold at Home Depot or Lowe's. I'll keep an eye open and let you know where I see it.

            take care,

            1. re: gonefishin

              Yes, I see your point...stay away from Cowboy Lump Charcoal. Maybe I should fire up my leftover 4" oak flooring...would likely impart better flavor than Cowboy Lump. Unfortunately, the cowboy brand is all I can find in my area. The only Royal Oak charcoal I've seen is the briquet variety. Thanks for tip.

          2. I've stopped using charcoal altogether, for some reason I started to dislike the taste of the smoke on my food, and I've noticed it more since I started using "clean wood" chucks (hickory, apple, oak and mesquite).

            This is especially true in my smokers & gas grill. For the Weber gas grill I bought a "steam & chips" attachment, that's gotta be the best $$ I've spent as far as accessories go. It hold 2-4 good size wood chunks (or pound of chips) which can give me enough smoke for around 2-3 grill outings.

            As to where? the Internet by bulk is best here are 2 good ones:

   BTW: speaking as a bbq nut, these guys have some really great "Q"!

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            1. re: abf005

              I've been stuck with Cowboy and hate it. That's all I can find in the Naperville area. I'll have to check in with the place I got my Big Green Egg and see if they are still stocking their brand of lump.

              1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                Wannamakers at Oden just east of 355 carries BGE lump

              2. re: abf005

                I agree with you on the smoke flavor. I too get tired of it. My mom and brother have requested that I lighten up on the smoke flavor. It's a matter of taste. I use apple, cherry and oak because of their lighter smoke flavoring rather than mesquite.