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Whole Fish - rarely delivers

I have been ordering the whole fish entree in a variety of restaurants throughout NYC for the past 10 years. From Italian to Thai to Greek. Althought the flavor is usually outstanding and I dont mind extracting the meat I am usually still hungry when I am finished. The kicker is, this dish is consistently one of the more expensive items on the menu.
For me the Whole Fish has gone the way of the crab cake, I just never order it any more.

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  1. Try the whole fish at Lavagna...it will not disappoint!

    1. I agree, whole fish is often disappointing. I was recently pleased and surprised by a whole tilapia in miso chile sauce at Wu Liang Ye, though.

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        whole fish at kittichai. whatever you think about this place, the whole fish is terrific.

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          If you go to Kittichai, make sure to order a muddled-berry mojito to go along with your fish

      2. I'm surprised to hear that. I often order whole fish at The Greek Kitchen (58th & 10th) and at Fish (on Bleecker). I always find the meals to be filling enough, and I'm a pretty big eater.

        1. Unless you have the appetite of an elephant, I don't think you'll be hungry after eating a whole fish dish at Grand Sichuan (whichever branches are open at this point, which would include St. Marks and Chelsea). I also agree with LFeinberg on Lavagna. The whole fish dish there is actually a special for two people, unless there's another one I'm forgetting about.

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            You're right, Pan...the whole fish at Lavagna is for 2. It was simply fantastic! :)

          2. Favorite whole fishes are definitely at Greek Kitchen, and the Mustard Fish @ Spicy Mina in Queens. The latter is pretty spectacular.

            1. you can try the whole fish from Cookshop. It is done in the stone oven. Delicious!

              1. Ethos (on 3rd Ave in the low 30s) serves all sizes of whole fish.

                When I've ordeded it to eat solo, I've always had a choice of at least 2 varieties that were just the right size. In fact I've even had room to share a dessert.