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Mar 30, 2007 06:51 AM

What to order at Sunflower

Rudeboy told me, but I forgot. It's right across the street and I've never been...

Which, apparently, is a big mistake.

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  1. shaken beef (my favorite dish)
    any of their rice clay pots
    rice flour crepes

    their springs rolls are the best i've ever had i think anywhere, ever. also their steamed rice is so good, for some reason. it's amazing, which is a weird thing to say about steamed rice. most of their dishes, especially seafood, are really good. you can't really go wrong, but i would advise to stay away from the pho

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      are the spring rolls that you are referring to fried? because i do like their traditional vietnamese eggrolls that some people call spring rolls but what i know to be cha gio - they are filled w/ a stuffing that has meat, woodear mushroom, bean thread (clear) noodles, etc. their cha gio are some of the best in town.

      the rice flour crepes that everyone is talking about referring to is called banh xeo and is a rice flour crepe filled w/ pork and shrimp and green mung bean sprouts. it's yummy and delicious and the best here. i personally don't eat at Kim Phung.

      also, i can recommend the veggie fried rice here too...again, i'm a carnivore but the veggie fried rice is awesome! mmm...this is making me hungry. i'm going to Tam Deli on Lamar in two weeks but need to schedule a visit to Sunflower as well. haven't tried Le Soleil yet either so i guess i need to add that to the list as well.

      1. re: kalex

        by spring roll i mean the non-fried rolls. i always grew up calling the non-fried rolls "summer rolls" and the fried eggrolls "spring rolls", but since living in Austin everyone and every restaurant has called the non-fried ones "spring rolls" so i adapted.

        1. re: yimay

          gotcha - i do agree that the spring rolls - goi cuon to me - at sunflower are good here as well...i always use the vietnamese terms because there is that confusion. of course, MY spring rolls are the absolute bomb because i use more fresh herbs in them. it's the perfect time to make 'em now too so i'm going to have to get on that...

    2. I cant remember the vietnamese name for it, but it is a big crepe filled with sprouts and different meats or seafood and you wrap pieces of it up in a lettuce leaf with lots of fresh herbs and fish sauce and other good stuff and it is great...Sunflower and Le Soleil are the only two places I know it town that do this dish. Sunflower does a mean Shaking Beef - a vietnamese staple that they really shine on - the beef cubes were so tender and flavorful...

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      1. re: saticoy

        That is simply called "Vietnamese Crepe." FYI, Kim Phung also serves one, as did the Hue place on Lamar that has closed down.

        The standard pork and shrimp salad is awesome and fresh. Get the small one for an appetizer and be sure to pour the fish sauce on it.

      2. addendum...there is one dish here that is my absolute favorite that i used to get all the time and that i haven't found at too many restaurants. it's the fish braised in a clay pot. it's chunks of catfish in a dark, rich broth that has a bit of chile and black pepper and it's sooo yummy just over steamed white rice - ca kho to i believe is what it's called. it used to be a monday tradition for me to order this on the way home from work. it's like my comfort food in the winter. i would add more of the chile and garlic paste that i had at home just to spice it up some more.

        also, they have some other beef dishes besides the shaken beef (bo luc lac) that are really tasty as well and try the shrimp on sugarcane if you can - chao tom.

        1. The five spice roast chicken is my favorite chicken dish anywhere. There's a perfect balance of spices, it's perfectly roasted to a caramelized, juicy turn and it invades my thoughts at least twice a week. Wow, is it good.

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          1. re: Greg Spence

            The shaken beef is very good, though I like the lemongrass tofu quite a bit as well. They have great fresh lemonade. I also agree with the spring rolls and imperial rolls.

          2. Bahn Xeo (Vietnamese Crepe) is a winner! Goi Tom Thit (Pork and Shrimp salad) is my favorite in town. Five Spice Chicken is Awesome. Their claypots are also very good, and large meals. The Bun and Pho are good, although I prefer the Bun and Pho at other places.

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            1. re: Homero

              I almost forgot. If you haven't been, you also owe it to yourself to check out the Tam Deli nearby for fantastic Bahn Mi (Vietnamese Sandwiches) and desserts.